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6 Ways to Promote a Healthy Weight in Your Child

Maybe you're concerned about your child's weight. Maybe your child's pediatrician has expressed concern or perhaps you have been trying to make healthy changes for a while now. What do you do?...

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6 Ideas to Beat the Bedtime Battles

"Just 15 minutes longer." "I'm not tired!" "I don't want to get up!" Sound familiar? Kids and parents frequently clash about when children need to sleep – and for how long. The National Sleep Foundation reports that 69 percent of children have sleep p...

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Q: Are Energy Drinks Safe While Breastfeeding?

I am breastfeeding my daughter and concerned about drinking one of the energy drinks. I know to be concerned about the amount of caffeine contained - but I am wondering if I need to be cautious about other elements? How long should I wait to nurse - or pump my milk...

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Parenting Thoughts on Anger: Control It or It Will Control You!

Anger is a normal, human emotion that can be intense especially between divorced parents. The trick is to manage anger in such a way that is positive, not negative, for both yourself, the other parent and your children. Typically, anger is a response to one of many specific things. However, most res...

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I am have concerns with pre-school vaccination, should I be?

Dr. Katrena Lacey MD, Pediatrician at Methodist Physicians Clinic Millard answers this question.

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