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To My Soon-to-be Kindergartner -

As I sit at the Kindergarten parent meeting, I have a mix of emotions. Where has this time gone? I remember very clearly holding you in my arms the very first time, and how I couldn't believe I was a Mom, YOUR Mom, and was overcome with excitement, love, and pure joy. Now 5 years later, you have grown to become a sweet, happy, caring, and fun little boy, who is about to start on a whole new journey.

When we pulled up for Kindergarten Roundup, you jumped out of the car so excited to begin. You were so eager to meet your teachers and new friends, and see all of the fun things you were going to do. It was so fun to watch you walk so confidently into the building, ready to go. I am so proud of you.

My wish for you is to be kind, and help others. Carry on your grateful heart.

I hope you continue to try your best, just as you would with figuring out puzzles, or making a basket just one more time.

I hope you continue your love for learning, whether it be all about sharks, whales, or what each of the animals eats at the zoo.

I hope you continue building the tallest towers and the coolest spaceships, just as you have with your LEGOs.

I hope you continue exploring, asking questions about how things work, and allowing your curious nature to discover the world around you.

I hope you continue trying new things, tasting new foods, and having so much fun that you cannot stop laughing.

I hope you continue to explore your creativity, and color and paint how you think the world should look, and not how everyone else tells you it should be.

I have to admit that there is a part of me that is a little sad. I am going to miss our little morning storytimes and afternoon adventures, but am very grateful for all of the time we have spent together creating memories.

You are ready for your next adventure. You are ready to jump in and see what 'big kids school' is all about. I am so proud of you, proud of my little boy growing up, and excited to see your journey continue.


Julie is married and a mom to two young children who loves enjoying all that Omaha has to offer. She provides a helpful resource for family-friendly activities and events in and around Omaha at Find many ideas for upcoming local events posted weekly, Kids Eat Free, and an Omaha Kids Calendar! ...

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