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My little guy is getting closer and closer to turning one. Where did the time go? Like any first time mom, I want to throw him the best birthday bash ever! But with sites like Pinterest that show extravagant decorations and ideas, it's easy to see how we could all get a little carried away. For me, it's important to remember to hone it in. Sure, we all wish we could have that extraordinary party planned down to the littlest detail...but let's face it, we don't all have the time or resources to get that done. So let's take the pressure off ourselves to top those beauties we see on Pinterest. I have come up with my top 4 first birthday party must-haves that will make you feel like mom of the year!

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The most important seat in the house is of course your Birthday Boy or Girl's high chair. Thus, the perfect place to put your energy toward decorations. It will probably be the one place where he/she will be photographed the most too! These examples are all simple, cute and easy to put up and take down. 

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I have 1 million photos of Bastian's first year of why not highlight those precious moments at their first birthday party. Above are some fun and easy ideas of ways to make a photo collage. If you take monthly photos, display them in progression and let everyone see how much they've grown! Or if you want to display more photos, make a photo collage in the shape of a one, or highlight those special milestones on a chalkboard or poster.

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Every party needs treats, but a first birthday party needs "kid friendly" treats. The easier the prep-work, the better in my opinion. I love these ideas of taking simple baby snacks and making them into something fun to eat. This not only tastes good, but adds some pizaz to your table.

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The guest of honor needs to be easy to spot, so a crown or birthday hat is the perfect accessory. There is nothing cuter than baby accessories too. These hats and crown are all inexpensive DIY projects that make a big impression on your special someone's big day. 


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