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Summer is in session!

Now how are you and your kids going to fill your time and make a few memories?

Julie from Family Fun in Omaha gave us a list of 15 summer activities, but we're taking it to a new level by putting together a list of 101 activities to do this summer!

We started the list below, but we need your help to finish it! Tweet your favorite summer activity suggestions to @ParentSavvy and include #Summer101. We'll add your suggestions to the list, and you'll be entered into the drawing to win some fabulous prizes.

  1. take a walk
  2. swim the length of the pool
  3. learn a new game
  4. find a four leaf clover
  5. grow a vegetable plant from a seed
  6. jump rope
  7. meet your neighbors
  8. find a bird's nest
  9. capture lightning bugs
  10. find a frog... or two
  11. go fishing
  12. go to a matinee
  13. watch a movie under the stars
  14. make homemade bubbles
  15. have a water fight
  16. play hide-and-seek in the dark
  17. ride your bike
  18. camp out in the backyard
  19. build a fort
  20. play soccer
  21. visit the Children's Museum, Joslyn or Durham Museum
  22. volunteer at the Humane Society
  23. make a sidewalk chalk masterpiece
  24. make lanterns for your tree
  25. create a stained glass window decal
  26. buy ice cream from the ice cream man
  27. open a lemonade stand
  28. make s'mores
  29. watermelon seed spitting contest
  30. go to the farmer's market
  31. star gaze
  32. learn to hit a baseball
  33. learn to catch a baseball
  34. slide down a slide
  35. take a trip to Lauritzen Gardens
  36. walk barefoot in the grass
  37. inspect an ant hill
  38. play on a Slip and Slide
  39. make ice cream in a bag
  40. make a sandbox scene
  41. host a neighborhood parade
  42. have a water balloon fight
  43. make popsicle stick boats
  44. make root beer floats and experiment with different types of soda
  45. visit local parks
  46. try a new food
  47. have a banana split party
  48. go to the zoo and learn about a new animal
  49. visit Fontenelle Forest and explore nature
  50. go to a baseball game
  51. make a pet rock with paints
  52. plant a flower pot
  53. make a wind chime
  54. build a bird feeder
  55. make mud pies

Carolyn Kruger


Carolyn is an editor and promotions manager for ParentSavvy. She has enjoyed seeing the site grow from its infancy to its toddler stage. (And, yes, there have been growing pains in the whole process.) Carolyn was born and raised in Omaha and is thankful that such a unique site calls Omaha home. When not editing content, Carolyn can be found with her family and friends scouring local neighborhoods for untasted restaurants or exploring new stories at the movie theater. ...

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