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Whew! That was fast! How did time slip right through my fingers and into the next school year already?

It was the second day of July, and I was leisurely checking my email, ignoring the kids, and wondering how the load of laundry that I had placed in the washing machine almost two hours ago was still in the spin cycle, when I got it.  An email from the Middle School principal entitled, "End of School/Middle of Summer Update." Really? Can't I go just one little month without having to think about school?


The email contained 3 attachments.  Since I really wasn't doing anything and didn't feel like a 65 degree day exactly warranted a visit to the pool, I opened them.

First attachment: the 2013/2014 Honors list. Yes! Nick, you continue to surprise me with your ability to get awesome grades when it seems like you never do homework or even care about school at all. If you can keep up whatever it is that you do, I am sure we might actually have a little help paying for college. Yippee.

Second attachment: request for monetary contributions for teachers. Pleas for assistance with helping teachers get supplies for the classroom always break my heart. It's like watching one of those Feed the Children or Sarah McLachlan-narrated Animal Cruelty commercials — you wipe your eyes, feel very bad, and then wonder if your little contribution can really help all those in need. Then you reach for the checkbook because you are a total sucker. Oh well, I do appreciate what those teachers do, and if a few bucks can help them out in any way, I don't want to feel guilty about it.

Third attachment: a newsletter. Or should I say, a four page newsletter? Whoa! Kids aren't even in school and there's so much to say and schedule! I pulled out my trusty phone and started entering the "do not forget" dates including curriculum night, orientation, laptop parent meetings, first day of school information and all the other things that overwhelm a person when they see their time getting snatched out right from under them.

How did this happen so fast?

Just the day before I had been at Target hoping to find a beach towels and water noodles for the 4th of July weekend only to find all the summer furniture was practically gone and the summer necessities had been relegated to the back of the store. And yes, boxes and shelves that stood where the summer things had been just a week before all indicated that the back-to-school section would be open soon. I had ignored all of these signs and now the flashes of the seasonal Target section started taking over my brain.

Here we go again. I needed to start thinking about school supplies, looking through the closets to figure out what clothes might be needed, and oh, ugh, the dreaded complaints about school that would start any day now.

I just wanted it to be summer. I just wanted to sit in the sun, stick my toes in the sand, take a dip in the lake, and just be. Just a little longer.

Now here it was in front of me. The reminder that we are entering the next round of the never-ending cycle of the years. School, fall, winter, complaining about cold, spring, desperately hoping to find something for the kids to do for the summer, and finally summer again. I'm not ready.

So, as any good parent would do, I called out to the kids that I was going to my best friend's house for a couple of hours. And for the rest of the afternoon, I completely forgot about all of it.

Mollie Protzman


Mollie is an Omaha native and a mom of two boys ages 13 and 8. She's been married for 20 years and spent most of those first 10 years living in various cities around the country. Before kids, she was in marketing communications and public relations and then stayed home with her boys for 11 years while doing freelance writing on the side. The day after her youngest one went to kindergarten, she just about went berserk with the quiet in the house and nothing constructiv ...

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