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Walk with me down memory lane for just a second, and let's take a poll:

Question 1: Do you remember the first time you saw a bat?

And keep in mind that we're talking about the flying animal kind, not your plastic T-ball bat.

If yes, proceed to

Question 2: Do you remember your reaction?

I can recall my first bat sighting quite clearly for a couple reasons. The main reason is that I was convinced I was looking at a bird, swooping in the air above me. The shock of realizing half of the "birds" I'd been watching fly in the dusky sky were probably bats all along has stuck with me to this day.

I can remember my reaction too. It was something along the lines of "FINALLY!" You see, I was 11 or 12 at the time, so it had taken over a decade for me to see (or realize I was seeing) a bat in the wild with my own eyes. Consequently, I had spent the majority of my childhood thinking bats were as far away and mysterious as narwhals.

Those are real, right?

Just kidding... I think. But you get my point.

Here at Fontenelle Forest, we want the world of nocturnal creatures to be real and present to you and your children, despite your littles' 7:00 pm bedtimes, so we are super excited for this month's Hands-on-Habitat on August 15! Our theme is "What a Wild Night!" and we've designed all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities for you and your children ages 0-5, so that you can explore some awesome creatures of the night together. Come drop in to play and learn anytime between 10 am and 12 pm!

To register, visit the Hands-on-Habitat page and select "August 15 What a Wild Night!"

We are so excited for the opportunity to bring the nighttime forest creatures to you and your kiddos. See you at Hands-on-Habitat on August 15!

Lindsay Cooley

from Fontenelle Forest

Lindsay is an environmental educator at Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue. She was born and raised in Omaha, and is happy to be back after spending the past four years interning and working at various nature centers around the country. Lindsay has a background in environmental science, and is passionate about cultivating a love of the natural world in children and adults alike. When she's not cutting out craft materials or taking kids on hikes, Lindsay loves birdi ...

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