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We have all heard that from the back seat on a road trip. Car travel with children is a given for most families over the holidays or on vacations. But, how do you safely, happily travel with kids?

Safety First - be sure everyone is securely buckled up in your vehicle in age appropriate car seats or restraints. 

Seatbelts increase your odds of surviving a highway crash by 50%! If your child needs your physical attention, it may be tempting to unbuckle and help – but it is safest to wait and pull over in a secure place away from traffic.

Be sure the adult drivers are well rested – even 5 seconds of inattention to the road at 55 m.p.h. results in your car traveling over 100 feet!

I would recommend making sure you have an easily accessible bag with things you may need on the trip-diapers, wipes, snacks, formula/bottles, hand sanitizer, water, etc. This will prevent you from having to unpack the car to find the things you need and get them fast, because we all know how patient our children can be!

Try to pick your travel time. With your youngest, the "happiest" time to travel will be when your child has a full tummy, dry diaper and comfortable resting place. Older children may want a travel pillow for their neck or a light blanket to snuggle in. Games like finding the most cars of a certain color or license plates from other states will help pass the time.

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Carey Ertz, DO

Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center

Dr. Ertz answers your questions about child health and parenting. Dr. Ertz chose family medicine because she gets to interact with people of all ages and treat many different illness and injuries. One of the most important aspects she enjoys is the preventative side of health care. Family physicians are able to make an impact on their patient’s general health that could make all the difference down the road or even eliminate current health issues. Her patient care is centered on a te ...

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