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If you are looking for good gift ideas to give to a young toddler, this list will help! Bastian is almost 1.5 years old now and his love for toys is growing. He has a lot of toys he loves, but here are some of his favorites:

1. Mega Bloks

Bastian loves Mega Bloks and this set comes in a John Deere dump truck which allows for more dumping, moving and stacking. He doesn't really "build" anything right now, he just loves to put two bloks together... and of course throwing them is a ton of fun too. 

2. Fisher Price Mower

This mower is probably his favorite toy he owns. Bastian is very interested in daddy mowing and loves to mimick what he does. The mower has makes realistic sounds and even signs and talks, but it can get quite noisy.

3. Kids Chair

Bastian loves to sit in his chair and have a snack or watch a cartoon. I think it's important to give him his own special space that is only his. You can tell he feels important when he sits in it.

4. The Little Blue Truck Book

It has taken reading to Bastian every night since he was 3 months old for him to FINALLY sit through a whole book. This book is his absolute favorite right now. He says "Tuk Tuk Tuk" as he points to the book and insists I read him this book every night. The Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle and illustrated by Jill McElmurry is fun to read and has a cute message. 

5. Wheelbarrow

Bastian's wheelbarrow is a big hit this fall. He loves to put leaves, sticks and accorns in it and wheeling it around the yard. Basically an 1+ year old will love anything that they can push and make noise with.

6. Beach Ball (or any ball)

Throwing things is something a toddler loves to do, and balls make throwing less naughty (that is until they throw the ball right at your head when you aren't looking). Bastian loves this beach ball because it's big and light. He can easily kick or throw it and he hasn't managed to break anything in the house yet... his dad on the other hand has gotten close.

7. Stacking Cups

Every toddler loves any cup or container that they can stack. Filling and stacking is a motor skill that they love to practice. These work great as bath toys too. 

8. Sticks and Stones

Ultimately, Bastian's most played with "toy" is sticks and stones. There are plenty of them and you never have to put them away. He love to be outside and poke around in the dirty with sticks and throw stones.

9. Cozy Coupe

Bastian's car has really kept him entertained during some of the rainy days when we are stuck inside. He can't quite push it himself yet, but he loves to just get in and sit, get out, shut the door, fill it up with gas and honk the horn, over and over again. I remember this car from my childhood (although I never had one) and how much I loved it.

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