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November. It’s that time of year when we are reminded to reflect on what we are most thankful for. Most of us dig deep and give thanks for the major blessings in our lives like health, family and friends, and I am no different.

I am most thankful that my Mom remains cancer free after her initial diagnosis four years ago, and pray that health and happiness rest on everyone this upcoming year. I remind myself to appreciate the people who help to keep me afloat when life gets crazy and to those who keep me grounded when things get too exciting.

I also want to take time to recognize the fun, and perhaps, ordinary things that either make life easier or simply make me smile. Today I give thanks for:


Thankful for clean dishes and soccer gear. You may want to read my blog, "What’s that Smell" to understand.

Cell Phones & Car Chargers

Thankful for the glue that holds our family together.


Thankful for my automatic brewing system, otherwise known as my husband, who makes sure the coffee is ready in the a.m.

Wintergreen Mints, Floss Sticks & Wisps Disposable Toothbrushes

Thankful for a clean mouth and clean teeth which are necessary because I love coffee.


Thankful for this ingenious machine that allows me to watch foolish shows like Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance whenever I can find enough time to sit down.


Thankful for the families who help taxi our kids to fields located across the Omaha metro area and sometimes Kansas City.

Teachers & Coaches

Thankful for the time, energy and love shared.

Paper Plates & Plastic Utensils

Thankful for the quick and easy clean up.

Safe Driving

Thankful that my 18 year old has been accident free during his first two years of driving. Someone find the wood to knock on!

Music & Theater

Thankful that my four boys have a natural love for performance. It’s a welcomed addition to the soccer sidelines and hard, cold bleachers.

Raw Almonds

Thankful for simple food.

Leg Warmers & My Snuggie

Thankful for soft layers since I have a need to be warm and cozy always.

Clean and uncluttered counters

Thankful for clean counters which bring a sense of calm to my days.

Family movies

Thankful for a good movie that can bring a family together.

$1 Large Ice Tea & Lemonade

Thankful for my sweet Runza woman. Every time she hands me my $1.00 ice tea & lemonade, she adds a smile for free.


Thankful for all the babies born into our family in 2012. Maysen, Andy Rae, Myles, Charlotte & Elijah are healthy, happy and adding joy to our lives.


Thankful for my past and for how it has shaped me into who I am today.

To live with an attitude of gratitude will again be placed at the top my "to do" list in 2013.

I will not live with regret. I will not live with worry. I will not search for simple people or extraordinary things. I will be grateful for the extraordinary people and the simple things that continue to bless me each day that I am given.

What are you thankful for?

Jacqui Slater Lawrence

Jacqui Slater

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