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Halloween is going to be here before we know it! Let's get creative this year and make our own costumes. Yes, even you non-crafty type can create a homemade masterpiece that will be sure to impress your little ones, friends and family! Let's be nostalgic and bring back the McDonald's characters from our childhood – the Hamburglar and what better way to make a couple costume than to pair it with a huge hamburger! 

You will need these items to create the Hamburglar:

The only assembly you will have to do for your Hamburglar costume is adding some yellow ribbon around the base of your black hat and then sticking hamburger stickers all over a red tie. 

What you will need to make your Hamburger costume:

To put together a huge hamburger costume, first cut seseame seeds out of the white felt and glue them onto one of your tan pillow. Cut straps to attach both pillows so they drape over your little one's shoulders. Cut wavy shapes out of the green felt for the lettuce, a large red circle for the tomato out of the red felt and a big square out of the yellow felt for the cheese. Glue all the felt shapes to the inside of the tan pillows. To top off this costume, make a sliced pickle out of felt and glue to the top of a headband. At the end you should have something that looks like this.

I love this idea for a duo halloween costume and your little ones will too!

Amalia Van Bloom

Amalia is ParentSavvy's local style expert. She has lived in Omaha for five years with her husband, son and two cats. She enjoys being a new mom to her son, born last April. Amalia is a graphic designer and crafter extraordinaire.  She blogs on her personal experiences at ...

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