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ParentSavvy in partnership with Omaha Family is sponsoring a giveaway for readers of our email newsletter. Our winners this month are Stevie, Rachel, and Natalie! We'll be contacting them via email to award them their prizes.

This month's prizes inlcude Luv Chicken Booster Cushion, oogaa Mealtime Set, and the Silikids Silibib. Details about each great prize are below.

If you'd like to win next month's prize, sign up for newsletter! Prizes will be announced in the newsletter that's sent out at the end of each month. Good luck!


Luv Chicken

Luv Chicken Booster Cushions are fabulous booster seats for kids ages 18 months - 7 years. The cushions are very stylish. They are created with colorful prints that are both fun and modern. Kids really love them! They are constructed of kid-safe (phthalate-free) coated cotton which makes them easy to wipe clean. They stay put with a grippy, non-slip bottom eliminating the need for clumsy buckles or ties. They also have a handle so kids can carry them anywhere - restaurants, theaters and grandma's house! They work great as floor cushions too. Available in two sizes: Original 15x15x4 or Mini 13x13x3, and made with Luv in Seattle! For more information, visit


oogaa baby mealtime spoons shaped like an train are a perfect first spoon, starting at 4+ months. BPA free, soft, safe silicone, non-toxic and easy to clean. oogaa's Mealtime Sets consist of a colorful 9 ounce silicone bowl and 2 silicone spoons shaped as a train and airplane. No more chips, breaks or loud noises when these utensils go whoops-a-daisy. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, electric sterilizer safe and freezer safe. The four little oogaa characters provide the fun part, oogaa’s dedicated design and product development team takes care of the rest. We are devoted to the goal that our products will impact your child's well-being in only positive ways. That means using the safest, most environmentally stable materials to fire the imagination with the bright colors and playful designs that babies love. For more information, visit


Silikids was founded in 2006 by two moms, Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab. Silikids is the first mom-founded brand focused on creating products that are toxin-free, hypoallergenic and made entirely out of silicone. Silikids combines necessity with innovation along with the technological advances of silicone, making the company a pioneer in the children’s market.  The Silikids collection includes Silibib®, Siliskin® Glasses, Siliskin® Top, Siliskin® Sippy, Silimap, Siliskin® Bowl, Silispoon and Silibags. For more information, visit

Carolyn Kruger


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