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Designing spaces, especially kid spaces is a serious hobby of mine, so curating my own kids' playroom has been a very enjoyable work of love over the past few weeks. I carried over most of the decor we already had going on in our last home but added a few more special touches that I thought they would really enjoy. We'll hopefully be in this house for at least four years, so I wanted a space for them that would meet the current needs of a 1 and 3 year old, but would also grow with them as they move out of the toddler phase and become more independent.

Without further ado, I give you our whimsical woodland playroom!

Babes in Deutschland, a whimsical woodland playroomTable & Chairs: Kidkraft, Cubbys: Closetmaid, Toy bins: 3 Sprouts, Toy Kitchen: Treehaus + I remodeled it, Rug: Ikea, ABC Cards: Etsy, Light: Ikea

Babes in Deutschland, a whimsical woodland playroomWe started doing a toy check out system that I'll elaborate more on later, but these dozen or so toys are always out for the kids to play with whenever they want. I chose these ones because they don't have a lot of pieces and the kids can put them away in the cubbys by themselves. We're focusing on teaching them responsibility for their possessions, how to keep their toys tidy and therein how they can contribute to the family's well being by picking up after themselves.

When they do check out one of their other toys with more pieces, they usually play it at their table here in the playroom. They also love to cook each other food in their toy kitchen and serve it at this table!

DIY book slingsSince we spend a large portion of the day in the playroom and they like to have me nearby, I wanted to make sure there was a comfy chair for Jon or I available. It also works really well for reading stories with both kids piled in! I made the book slings on the wall with some double curtain rod holders and blue linen that I appliqued the felt mushrooms on. I really like having easy storage options at the kids level so that they can access and clean up their toys. We only keep about 8 books in the slings at any given time and then I try to rotate them weekly.

Story time with a felt board

The curtains and oversized pillows were projects I made in Hawaii from the Hooty Owl Village and Zig Zag Village fabric by Premier Prints. The train table was another acquisition from the Airman's Attic and we use it not only for making trains, but for building legos, marble runs, gears, magnatiles, any toy with lots of pieces that need to be contained! We also have a felt board for story telling above it and it flips over to become a dry erase board.

Babes in Deutschland, a whimsical woodland playroomI mentioned our seven function fort in my first post on the playroom here if you're interested in any of the specifics for creating one of your own! Needless to say, they love it! Aurora really likes the dress up station underneath the loft bed and Grayson loves it when he can convince her to push him in the swing for hours at a time!

Easy bunting made using bias tape!I made the bunting back in Hawaii as well, I used bias tape for the cord and that made it a super simple project, just cut out the pennants and stick them in to the pre folded hem and sew!

DIY easy felt canvas artThe foxy art was another really easy project, all I did was cut it out and hot glue it to an old canvas!

Upgrade a boring toy kitchen with paint and a mosaic backsplash!This kitchen was Aurora's second birthday present and still one of her favorite pastimes. I started with a clearanced kitchen from Treehaus and then painted it and added the mosaic tile backsplash, apron hook, and chalkboard on the other side.

Babes in Deutschland, a whimsical woodland playroomYou can see in this picture that we ended up putting two rugs together to make a larger one. It depends on the light if it's noticeable or not, but with a little rug tape, they don't move and it was so much cheaper than investing in a larger rug!

After months of having no toys while our stuff was being shipped over here, and then another couple of months of not having a space to call their own, I think it's safe to say that the kids are elated to have things finally settle down and return to normal. As Grayson gets older, he and Aurora are becoming really close playmates and I'm sure they'll share many more make believe adventures in their whimsical playroom!


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