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We have been experiencing a major heatwave here in Germany these past few weeks. With no air conditioning in our home (or anywhere else in the country) we've been a little obsessed with keeping cool, so we figured what better theme for our sensory bin than the arctic! We played with this bin for several days and ended up remaking it with new materials because it was so much fun!

dsc_4652The first time we used epsom salt for snow and vase filler crystals for ice and water and then let our imaginations run wild as the arctic critters played king of the hill on the salt clumps and slipped around on the jagged ice! This was definitely the neater of the two bins, no messier than sand play, even Grayson got in on the arctic action. A quick sweeping around the table when we were done and clean up was a breeze.

dsc_4732And then there was our messy bin! Shaving cream, instant snow, water, oh my! This was definitely the favorite bin! Aurora enjoyed giving all of the animals a bath, Grayson enjoyed getting handfuls of shaving cream and clapping to be rewarded with a messy explosion after messy explosion of raining suds. They were both a disaster after this bin, but it wasn't anything a quick bath and a wipe down of the area couldn't fix. Definitely plan this one for a day when you've got several hours to spare!


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