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Eeek! We're going on our first trip this weekend! It's nothing too crazy, just a USO tour to Frankfurt where they will teach us how to use the train system and then we'll ride the train up to Frankfurt for the Main River Fest going on this weekend. I'm stoked though, this is what we came to Germany to do! See the world, meet the people, drink the beer! ;)

I've started thinking through what I want to pack (or more accurately, how much I can pack for a day trip without looking like the tourist that I am). Having kids of course makes this process harder. Anyone who's been a parent for very long knows to expect the unexpected, and so while I'm packing an extra change of clothes for each of us and all that good stuff, I'm also trying to figure out what I'll need to entertain the kids on the train and at the festival.

Thankfully, I already have a lot of stuff prepared and now it's just a matter of choosing what will work best for the trip, but I thought I would retroactively blog a little bit about our travel stash of busy bags, felt books and quiet time bins over the week just in case anyone else is looking for a bit of inspiration (or should I say P-inspiration, because you all know where these ideas came from ;) ).

First up is our giant stash of busy bags! I did NOT make all of these, that would be ludicrous! But, as you all know, I had the world's best playgroup in Hawaii and we had several busy bag swaps where we would each make 10 of the same bag and then trade with 9 other people who also made a different bag and everyone walks away with 10 unique bags- it's genius! [gallery ids="2933,2932,2931,2930,2929,2928,2927,2926,2925,2924,2923,2922,2921,2920,2919,2918,2917,2916,2915,2914,2913,2912,2911,2910,2909,2908,2907,2906,2905"]

For more ideas to keep kids busy on the go, check out my busy bag board on Pinterest: Follow Brigette @ Life Lesson Plans's board Kids: Busy Bags on Pinterest.


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