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Lastly, in my series on keeping busy on the go with kids, I wanted to share our quiet books. Today Aurora's makes it's blog debut, and tomorrow Grayson's! I absolutely love these books, they're so handy to grab when I'm running out the door with 500 other items and two kids in tow!

This little book was a huge work of love for my daughter, there's no other way I would have had the patience to complete it otherwise! But, I'm really glad I did. I wanted to make an heirloom quality quiet book for my kids, one that they could pass on down through the generations and so I was very meticulous with which pages I chose to make and the construction of them.

I think it's safe to say that the book is one of Aurora's most cherished possessions. There are some pages she can do on her own, some that are meant to be played with another person, and a couple that she still needs to grow in to, I like it that way. After all of the love I poured in to it, I want it to capture her imagination for quite awhile yet. :)

Babes in Deutschland, Paper doll quiet book pageAurora loves playing dress up, it might be her favorite thing ever! I knew I had to incorporate it in to her book, and so when I saw this cover page by Homemade by Jill I knew I wanted to do something like it. I took inspiration for the clothes from From Dahlia's to Doxies felt board dolls that she had made for her nieces. I love the fun vintage shapes she uses! Candykins Crafts also has some adorable felt clothes that are beautifully detailed, one of these days I may add to Aurora's set!

Babes in Deutschland, Paper doll quiet book pageI used 1/8" pom poms for the edging next to her name and Timeless Treasures Cassette Tapes Multi for the binding and interior fabric.

Babes in Deutschland, felt chain quiet book pageI tried to choose a good mix of easily assembled and complex to assemble pages, and this one was definitely the former! I cut the strips, used iron on velcro and sewed on a pocket to hold the extras, easy peasy!

Babes in Deutschland, quiet book bindingYou can see the binding here, I lined the interior of the cover and used eyelets to punch sturdy holes in it and then two paper ring clips to hold the pages. Each page is punched with the eyelets and can be taken out for maintenance as needed.

This page is all about letting her imagination run wild, she can tell the story of Little Red or simply make up her own! I cheated and bought the finger puppets online, but it was so worth not having to sew my own!

Babes in Deutschland, little red riding hood quite book pageThe bed is a pocket to store the puppets when not in use, It would be awfully difficult to tell the story if we lost the big bad wolf!

Babes in Deutschland, hair braiding quiet book pageI've seen a lot of hair braiding pages on Pinterest (probably because every little girl enjoys doing it!) I was inspired by Katie's Creations page but I knew that I wanted to add a bit of flair. My girl turned out looking like a totally aloof hipster, but hey, in my defense, it's hard sewing a non-cheesy felt smile!

Babes in Deutschland, hair braiding quiet book pageWe keep several barrettes and clips in a pocket at the back of the book to embellish her hair.

Babes in Deutschland, shoe tying quiet book pageAnother popular Pinterest page, but I love that Pops and Podge has a free pattern! I mixed the page up with a bit of fabric I had lying around to give it a bit more color!

Babes in Deutschland, matching game quiet book pageUcreate has a cute pattern for a quiet book matching game, but I knew that I wanted to use fabric for mine, so I gathered my scraps and made tiles. The page itself has little rows of holders sewn on it to store the pieces in when not in use.

Babes in Deutschland, polaroid camera quiet book pageThis page is one of a kind as far as I've seen! I love photography so I thought that I should try to incorporate it in to the book somehow. Dun dun dun da! My polariod quiet book page. I laminated some photos with a sweet message on the back of each and now she can put them in the top and pull them out through the bottom slit.

Babes in Deutschland, polaroid camera quiet book page

Babes in Deutschland, polaroid camera quiet book page

Babes in Deutschland, tic tac toe quiet book pageAt Second Street has a very cute tic tac toe felt book page, it's a classic game and now we can play it wherever we go!

Babes in Deutschland, cuckoo clock time telling quiet book pageThis page was another original creation, since we knew we were going to be moving to Germany, I had to encapsulate that in some way so a cuckoo clock seemed fitting. The clock hands spin and the felt cuckoo slides out of its home on a string.

Babes in Deutschland, fabric puzzle quiet book pageThere are lots of patterns for felt puzzles on Pinterest, like the adorable fish one that's been swimming around by Chadwick's Picture Place, but I was already swamped with complicated pages and needed something simpler, so I went with a fabric puzzle. It's more challenging to put together (depending on which fabric you choose) but so much easier to sew! I chopped it up in to nine pieces and ironed on a piece of velcro to the backs.

Babes in Deutschland, zoo quiet book pageAgain, I didn't want to make finger puppets, so I bought a set of them here and used half for Rora's book, and the other half for Gray's. Mckay, Emily, & Henry inspired this page, but I knew that I would want to keep everything together, so I added the strings to my puppets and now it's kind of a habitat matching quiet book page!

Babes in Deutschland, zoo quiet book page

Babes in Deutschland, storage pocket quiet book pageThe last page is a pocket for keeping all of the loose pieces together, the doll clothes and hair accessories go in here, and whenever I run across a piece of her felt book on the floor I can quickly tuck it in the pocket for safekeeping until she plays with it again. :)

Babes in Deutschland, back cover of a quiet bookI was in love with Fieltrunguis' felt hot air balloons, I had to make my own! Her entire book is completely adorable, and in Spanish!

For more quiet book page ideas, be sure to follow my board on Pinterest: Follow Brigette @ Life Lesson Plans's board Kids: Quiet Book Pages on Pinterest.


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