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Babes in Deutschland, Ice Cream Dough

It's the last couple weeks of summer here, everyone is getting set to head back to school soon, hopefully including my kid(s). We're not sure on how the whole German kindergarten thing is going to play out yet, but we should have more answers this week as it starts up. I wanted to do one last super summer sensory bin before the season comes to a close, so when I saw Play Create Explore's ice cream dough I knew I had found a winner!

The kids went wild for this stuff! I was worried Gray would try to eat it since it looks so lifelike, but I think the little guy has participated in enough sensory play to have learned the difference thankfully!

The first step was to mix up the dough from equal parts hair conditioner (I used cheap strawberry scented!) and cornstarch. You can add cocoa for chocolate scent or food coloring if you're trying to get a specific look, here's how I set up the invitation to play.

Babes in Deutschland, Ice Cream DoughA bowl of chocolate and strawberry ice cream, strawberry "sauce" made from adding a bit of water to the existing mixture, perler beads for sprinkles, and a few kitchen accessories and toy food made for an exciting ice cream parlor.

Babes in Deutschland, Ice Cream DoughThis may have been Aurora's favorite sensory bin to date! She was so in to scooping the ice cream and decorating each dish and cone, it's so much fun to see kids in their element!

Babes in Deutschland, Ice Cream Dough

Babes in Deutschland, Ice Cream Dough

Babes in Deutschland, Ice Cream DoughGray really enjoyed himself as well, although, he was much more erm... energetic with his ice cream decorating. I tend to let Aurora start the activity by herself and play with things as they were set up to be played with, and then after awhile I introduce Gray to the activity and let him go crazy!

Babes in Deutschland, Ice Cream DoughThis ended up being a super messy activity for both kids, you can see even my neat child is covered in dough! It does wash out easily however, so don't let that stop you! I think the next time we do this it will either be in the bathtub or outdoors though!

For more sensational sensory ideas, check out my Pinterest board devoted to exploring the senses! Follow Brigette @ Life Lesson Plans's board Kids: Sensory & Small World Bins on Pinterest.


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