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Very few homes in Germany have air conditioning, and ours is no exception, so the way we manage the temperature is to open and close our rolladens throughout the day depending on which direction the sun is shining in. We also have the typical German windows which can crack open at the top or open fully to the side. All of this works fairly well to keep the house cool, but the one problem we've found is that our windows don't have screens on them which leads to all sorts of unintended critters joining us.

Today, we had the pleasure of a pretty moth fluttering on in, which delighted the kids to no end. We caught it in a little bug net and decided to make a home for him.

Babes in Deutschland, Building a butterfly habitat Aurora was very enthusiastic about making her new friend a comfy home. She asked lots of questions about what he would want to eat and where he would sleep! We picked some fresh flowers and leaves for his bed, Grayson supplied the rocks that he thought should go in the bin, and I made him some sugar water on a napkin.

Babes in Deutschland, Building a butterfly habitat Grayson was very sad that he couldn't touch the butterfly. Normally he can touch anything in the bin so he wasn't very excited about this little visitor taking up residence in his play space.

Babes in Deutschland, Butterfly sensory bin using natural objectsEventually (after he flew around the room and we re-caught him!), we let him go and filled the bin with the more durable bugs, which improved Grayson's mood tremendously.

In unrelated news, we found out today that there is currently no room in the kindergarten. A friend of ours who lives up the street said that they haven't finished the remodel on time and therefore the second class they were hoping to start is not ready yet. I'm not sure when it will be ready, or when anyone who works there will actually talk to me... Everything I hear is second hand and the whole thing seems quite disorganized so I'm not really sure what to expect. In two weeks the bürgermeister can meet with us and maybe something will happen then. Until then, I guess it's more homeschool and sensory bins for us. :)


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