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Well, it turns out that we're not the best travel planners... The USO trip that we had been planning to take this weekend is sold out. Bummer. But, while we may be poor planners this week, we're instead choosing to be spontaneous! The location is still TBD, but we'll be driving and shopping and eating out, and that means we'll still need plenty of tricks to entertain the kids!

Yesterday, I showed off Aurora's felt book, and today it's time for some Grayson book love! These books will definitely be accompanying us on our trip, it should be an interesting experience to see how they do with them by themselves in the backseat... It's a good thing I have these "before" photos, because the "afters" might not be quite as pretty!

Babes in Deutschland, Mario quiet book pageAs a child, I was the Mario champion of our household. My grandma had the original Nintendo 64 and the giant old cartridge games and this was always my favorite. I knew every. Single. Shortcut. If you'd like to challenge me to a duel sometime, let me know, I call player 1! Needless to say, you can guess where my inspiration for this page comes from, the letters in his name snap on and off and the goomba and Mario slide on their strings!

Babes in Deutschland, bug catching quiet book pageI really love this page, and so does Grayson! The stitched hillside is a pocket where I keep a magnifying glass and a set of tweezers so he can pick up his bugs and examine them before putting them in the jar. I feel like Pinterest is where originality goes to die, but I haven't seen anything like this on it so it's pretty rewarding to feel creative again. :)

Babes in Deutschland, bug catching quiet book pageI really want to find some tiny glowing electronic "lightning bugs" for this page, that's where the inspiration originally came from, muggy summer nights as a kid, catching fireflys in our mason jars.

Babes in Deutschland, tangrams quiet book pageI love brain puzzles, so naturally I have an affinity for Tangrams! The seven pieces are cut from a single large square, and then you use them to create shapes from a pattern. Here is a link to a template for the tangrams and printable pattern cards too!

Obviously Gray is not quite ready to copy patterns yet, but he enjoys building with them like blocks! I saw some beautifully embroidered felt blocks on Shiny Happy World and loved the idea, but thought that Gray might outgrow it too quickly, so I went with easier to sew option with more growing power.

Babes in Deutschland, weaving quiet book pageAnother easy to sew page! There are a lot of weaving pages to make a cherry pie or a tennis racquet, but I thought this one by Our Marriage was beautiful in its simplicity.

Babes in Deutschland, maze quiet book pageThe cuteness of this page gets to me every time! Happy Stuff has a pattern for this page, I wanted to embroider the lines, so I created it a little differently, but either way, this little snail is genius!

Can you guess which story I'm trying to tell?

Babes in Deutschland, three little pigs quiet book page

Babes in Deutschland, three little pigs quiet book pageAgain, I despised the idea of sewing finger puppets, so I bought some here (correction, the ones I bought aren't available any longer). Each of the little puppets got a snap on its back so that it could be locked in to place when not in use! Such Designs has a cute pattern for a finger puppet three little pig set that inspired my own page.

Babes in Deutschland, mailbox quiet book pageAurora has her polaroid page, so I wanted Grayson to have his own page with laminated photos and notes from us. He's already obsessed with his wooden mailbox, so I thought he would enjoy this felt one too! Imagine Our Life has the hands down, absolute cutest quiet book pages, and that's where the inspiration for this one came from!

Babes in Deutschland, mailbox quiet book pageWe wrote a few photos up like post cards and I made a little felt envelope with a detachable stamp for him to adhere in order to get the full mail carrier experience.

Babes in Deutschland, laundry quiet book pageI love that this page almost looks like a real room! I love Pops and Podge's ourdoor clothesline, but by the end of Gray's book I had run out of blue felt... hence my indoor laundry room. ;)

Babes in Deutschland, artists palate quiet book pageServing Pink Lemonade inspired this page, but I wanted to add a bit of difficulty, so I made the paint colors button on and off the page.

Babes in Deutschland, artist palate quiet book pageAnd, for level two of this page, Gray can use the brush to trace the lines!

Babes in Deutschland, barn quiet book pageThere are a lot of quiet book barns, I really like the one Homemade by Jill created, but again, I was opposed to making my own finger puppets (I don't know why I despised them so, but the thought of having to sew them makes my skin crawl!) so instead, I bought them here. I used half in Aurora's book and the other, more farm-y, half here.

Babes in Deutschland, barn quiet book pageYou can't really see it here, but the barn uses a button and string opening/closing system so that Gray can practice another skill, and each of the puppets has a snap attached to it so that it stores neatly when not in play.

Babes in Deutschland, viking quiet book coverAnd lastly, I had to encapsulate the memory of my "little viking" here on the back cover. Let's just say that he doesn't get his nickname from his soft spoken demeanor! My boy is crazy, my boy is wild, my boy is mine and I love him and I hope he loves this little love gift!

For more quiet book page ideas, be sure to follow my board on Pinterest: Follow Brigette @ Life Lesson Plans's board Kids: Quiet Book Pages on Pinterest.


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