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Last night, we were blessed once again to be in the home of Diana and Tobias, celebrating yet another birthday! Family potlucks are kind of magical in my opinion, everyone coming together to share a meal is a rare thing these days, but I'm so always to grateful to be a part of communities that still do this! Chili, rice, beer bread and sweets were enjoyed over some much needed adult conversation (seriously, I can't have one more conversation about the plot of a Disney Jr. show).

Afterwards, I decided to use the dozen kids present to test out some glowing bubbles! They are SO much fun, I think everyone from two to 40 had a good time with these babies!

Glowing bubble recipe from Babes in DeutschlandUnlike a lot of homemade bubble recipes, these ones actually work! You get nice big bubbles that will technically bounce if you catch them with cotton gloves, which I don't have any of yet. That link is where I got the basic glycerin bubble recipe from, but I subbed out the water with our homemade glow water that we made yesterday.

Glowing bubble recipe from Babes in Deutschland

Glowing bubble recipe from Babes in Deutschland

Glowing bubble recipe from Babes in DeutschlandThe kids were all pretty enamored with this stuff, in retrospect, I should have brought a few more bubble wands! They were all clamoring for a turn with the crazy green stuff, and when the bubbles would pop on their faces it would leave the bright droplets behind. Glowing bubble recipe from Babes in DeutschlandThis was my first attempt at night photography, not sure how I've never taken the camera out past 9 o'clock before... probably because I'm usually already in pajamas and curled up on the couch at that time! I had to use the manual focus options, so that was fun trying to organize a group project, protect my camera from highlighter infused bubble solution, and take pictures on the fly, no sweat.

Glowing bubble recipe from Babes in DeutschlandIt also makes a great nighttime finger paint! I'm not sure what Diana's balcony looks like this morning, but last night it looked like the crime scene of a CSI investigation.

Glowing bubble recipe from Babes in Deutschland

Glowing bubble recipe from Babes in DeutschlandSuch glowing green fun! You could change the color by using a different color of highlighter infused glow water. We used the yellow which is supposed to be the strongest. Here's the recipe if you'd like to try it for yourself!

Glowing Bubbles Recipe


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