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There has been much talk of Hawaii over here again lately. I don't think Aurora will ever forget those beautiful white sand beaches that we called our playground. But, when the beach is miles away, cloud dough is the next best thing! We've made this stuff a few times before and it's always so much fun to play with, therapeutic even!

The recipe is simple: 8 cups of flour (I like to use wheat flour for the sandy look), and 1 cup of baby oil

Cloud Dough Beach Sensory Bin by Babes in DeutschlandIt's moldable, and feels silky smooth in your hands. It sticks to itself and not to your hands, so the mess is fairly containable. If you have a child who throws sensory materials out of the bin, you might choose to play with this stuff outside.

Cloud Dough Beach Sensory Bin by Babes in DeutschlandWe added seashells to make it more beach-like, the kids loved using them to scoop the dough and fill the molds with since we only have one shovel, these babies helped prevent a squabble over it!

Cloud Dough Beach Sensory Bin by Babes in Deutschland

Cloud Dough Beach Sensory Bin by Babes in DeutschlandI always love watching them play together, they're getting so much better at communicating instead of shrieking their displeasure with social obligations like sharing! It's hard to believe my "baby" is almost two and is doing so many big boy things! I suppose the next thing on my to do list is to start planning him a birthday party!

For more sensational sensory ideas, check out my Pinterest board devoted to exploring the senses! Follow Brigette @ Life Lesson Plans's board Kids: Sensory & Small World Bins on Pinterest.


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