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We've been decking our halls the past few weeks, and here are some of the projects we've been working on! I love crafting at this time of year, and there are so many ideas on Pinterest, so I chose a few seasonal crafts that have become traditional favorites that we do every year, and a few others that were new to us but spoke to me because they were easy for kids to make while still looking classy. 


8 Classy, Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsWe've made pomanders for the past few years (photo from last year), they smell so wonderful and there's virtually no way to mess them up! For younger kids, you can score a small X where you want them to place the cloves, this makes it easier to shove them in. Or, for the youngest participants, use a ball of orange play dough and let them make a faux pomander like we did here.

Paper Snowflakes

8 Classy, Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsWe have four large windows that span one entire wall of our living room, so I strung a string across the top of them and the kids and I cut paper snowflakes one afternoon. I also punched some circles out of construction paper and let them glue and glitter-ify them to add a bit of sparkle to our snowflake garland. Mixing up the papers used keeps it interesting, we used white computer paper, tissue paper, and construction paper for ours. My youngest (2 years old) isn't able to use scissors yet, but my almost four year old was very in to this project and was always amazed when she would unfold one and reveal the design! Here is a great resource with ideas for paper snowflake patterns!

Handprint Ornaments

8 Classy, Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsA handprint ornament is one of those decorations that walks a fine line between being classy or being, well kid-made. Some tips for a pretty end product are to choose a high quality clay (affiliate link) or to make your own out of baking soda (I'm not a fan of salt dough). Then, after you've gotten a good handprint, make sure your circle cut out is nice and symmetrical and sand it once it's dry. Paint with acrylic paint and use a nice glossy glaze (affiliate link). You can also stamp in the letters of your child's name, or paint it on the back with the year like we did!

Paper Chain Garland

8 Classy, Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsI am so excited to have a fireplace for the first time in my life! I was all about decorating the mantle this year with our pomander, stockings, and paper chain garland. The secret to a cute paper chain is giving kids the right colors to work with. My oldest and I worked on pattern skills while making this chain of red and green construction paper with some brown craft paper thrown in. My youngest wasn't able to do this project by the book, but he did have fun gluing several of the strips together! A felt chain would also be really pretty, younger kids could use fabric glue as an adhesive, while an older one could practice basic needlework, tacking the strips together.

Snow Globes

8 Classy, Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsWe made snow globes for the first time this year, following Martha Stewart's tutorial, they were so easy and both kids were really in to this project... I think anything that involves glitter is a surefire way to capture their attention! I also love Babble Dabble Do's mini winter terrariums, they're so cute and classy and would be so much fun for kids to make. I think we'll have to add that to our to do list for next year!

Cinnamon & Applesauce Dough

8 Classy, Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsWe made these ornaments last year with our good friends, and they are so easy! Equal parts cinnamon and applesauce with a couple tablespoons of glue, then bake them at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. We decorated ours with a little glitter to add a bit of sparkle on the tree. Even a year later, these ornaments still smell magical!

Popcorn Garland

8 Classy, Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsI love old fashioned Christmas-y things, and nothing says vintage Christmas to me more than a popcorn and cranberry garland. Ours didn't get very long this year, but Aurora did have fun practicing her threading while munching skills!

Dried Orange Slices

8 Classy, Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsGoing along with our classic decor theme, I knew we had to make some dried oranges this year! Aurora helped me slice them and then we baked them at 170 degrees (F) for about 2.5 hours, turning them every hour. We threaded a string through and they were ready to go, I think they add a bit of rustic charm to our tree!

Which ornaments have you made with your kids this season? I'm always looking for new ideas for next year!

For more Christmas ideas to get you in the spirit of the season, be sure to follow my Pinterest board: Follow Brigette @ Life Lesson Plans's board Holiday: Christmas on Pinterest.


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