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I'm always amazed by the myriad of preschool skills that are involved in creating any one project. What started off as a simple suggestion from my (almost) four year old to play with the perler beads turned in to an epic craft! Fine motor skills were used, the color spectrum and alphabet were practiced, life skills were learned. All in all, it was quite the crafting journey for my preschoolers this morning!

Perler Bead Alphabet Magnets from Life Lesson Plans

When we began, I thought I would just let the kids stick the beads on their pegboards and I'd just iron whatever design they made and we'd be done. But, after Aurora asked me to help her make an "A" for her name, I knew she was on to something grand! If you've never used Perler Beads before, they're so fun and easy! All you have to do is:

  1. Sort through the bucket and find the colors you want to use. Since St. Patty's day is coming up and we've been learning about the color spectrum, I decided that we should make our perler bead alphabet using the rainbow order. A compartment serving tray makes this go much easier!
  2. Set the beads on the pegboard however you like, in this case, we made all 26 letters of the alphabet.
  3. Lay wax paper over the top of your design and iron until the beads are fused together. You may also choose to iron the back of the design for increased stability (I did).

Grayson was not in to helping me alphabet education and design goals, so he worked on his own piece while Aurora and I made the letters. This was a great pre-writing exercise for her! She knows all of her letters, but can't write them all from memory yet, so this was great practice.

Perler Bead Alphabet Magnets from Life Lesson PlansI think they turned out just lovely! Some of them are a bit wonky, but I kind of like quirky things.

Perler Bead Alphabet Magnets from Life Lesson PlansWhen you finish, you can either hot glue them on to a wooden magnet like these that I purchased on Etsy (these are just wooden blocks that you can add magnet sheets to the backs of). Or, you can use these peel and stick magnets depending on the aesthetic you're going for.

Perler Bead Alphabet Magnets from Life Lesson Plans

The magnets are then great for practicing letter recognition, spelling, or a whole host of other games!

Perler Bead Alphabet Magnets from Life Lesson PlansWe ended up using the peel and stick magnets for our letters and then using them in an alphabet fishing themed sensory bin! I hope you enjoyed this craft project, the possibilities are endless with perler beads, for more ideas on how to use them, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to them!

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