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Earlier this week, my preschooler and I made these awesome alphabet magnets out of perler beads. They're so cute and functional, I've been dreaming up lots of ways for us to use them in our play! This morning we decided to submerge them in a bin of water and gravel and go fishing!

Alphabet Fishing Sensory Bin with DIY perler bead lettersAfter making the magnets (instructions for which can be found here), this bin was a breeze to set up. We used the aquarium gravel we had on hand from making our glowing ocean bin and the fishing pole from our Melissa & Doug Puzzle, but you could easily make your own rod from a magnet, string and stick.

Alphabet Fishing Sensory Bin with DIY perler bead lettersMy two year old is working on letter recognition so I would ask him to fish up a certain letter. It's also a great fine motor skill learning to control the rod! With my almost four year old, I wanted to make it a little more difficult, so I would ask her to fish up the letter that 'lion' starts with for example.

Alphabet Fishing Sensory Bin with DIY perler bead lettersAfter the academics, both kids delved in to the bin as per usual. Sleeves were wet, senses were explored, kids were happy!

For more fun sensory ideas, check out my Pinterest board! Follow Brigette @ Life Lesson Plans's board Kids: Sensory & Small World Bins on Pinterest.


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