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While things haven't gone quite as we had hoped when we moved in to a small village in Germany, we still love the area. And, before we move due to the lack of social opportunities for the kids and I, I wanted to capture the picturesque area around us with an art project that the kids could do. We made a map of the area around our house out of washi tape and liquid watercolors and it turned out pretty beautiful, just like our little village!

Washi Tape Map by Life Lesson Plans

  1. On our last walk, I had the kids help me count the houses on our street, and had them start thinking about where things were in relation to one another. Then, when I was ready to do the project, I gathered the supplied we'd need. Google maps, a roll of paper, rainbow washi tape, liquid watercolors, scissors, paint brushes, and a white crayon.
  2. Sketch out the major streets in your city, then have the kids roll washi tape on the lines. This is a great fine motor skill and hand eye coordination practice for kids!
  3. For younger kids, hand them a pre cut piece of tape to stick down, my two year old had a lot of fun sticking the tape where I asked him to!
  4. Fill in other details like homes, parks, churches, rivers, etc.
  5. Use a white crayon to write the names of the streets where they belong, then when you paint over them, they'll remain visible!
  6. Paint the rest of your city!

Washi Tape Map by Life Lesson PlansThe map looks pretty cute just like this! In our village, there's the Hauptstrasse at the bottom, that's the "main street," and then the road we live on branches off of it. The interior of the area is filled with a church and park, and a small stream runs behind the park as well. Like I said, it's a gorgeous little area!

Washi Tape Map by Life Lesson PlansThis was a great way to introduce Aurora to the idea of memorizing her address. We also played a little game where I would say something like "If you're here, how would you walk to get home?"

Washi Tape Map by Life Lesson PlansGrayson just had fun painting everything in sight! The liquid watercolors worked beautifully for this project, they're so vibrant (and I even watered them down)!

Washi Tape Map by Life Lesson PlansHere's our finished project, so many fun colors!

Washi Tape Map by Life Lesson PlansOnce it dried, the kids wanted to break out the cars so they could drive along the streets! I think we'll get out the DUPLO Community People later this afternoon and set up a whole small world with our map!

For more colorful art ideas, be sure to follow my kids art Pinterest board! Follow Brigette @ Life Lesson Plans's board Kids: Art on Pinterest.


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