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If you are like me, something that is hand made feels like it comes more from the heart. That's why I wanted to make something special for my little Valentine this year. This heart pocket pillow is not only cute but functional. You can place candy, a card or little sweet notes throughout the first weeks of this romantic month. Here is what you will need:

  • fabric, felt or both
  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • fiber fill stuffing
  • embroidery hoop (optional)

Start by stenciling how big you want your heart pillow to be. Remember that once filled and stitched together, it will appear smaller than your stencil. I stencil the inside of the fabric (the side of the fabric that doesn't have a pattern) so that you don't see pencil marks once you are done. Cut two hearts out and set aside. Next take your felt or other color fabric and cut a smaller heart for the pocket. Lay the smaller heart in the center of the pillow cut out and begin to stitch. I used an embroider hoop to help hold the fabric nice and tight. You want to leave the top of the heart unstitched so that you can use it as a pocket. Finish the pocket off with a knot on the back side of the fabric. Next, trace out cascading hearts that get bigger and closer to the edge of the heart pillow. You can chose to use any embroidery stitch but I chose to use the running stitch (the simplest). Once you have the desired cascading hearts stitched in your pillow, begin to stitch the front and back of the pillow together. I chose to use a whip stitch here (again the simplest) but a blanket stitch would be beautiful! I started at the bottom of the heart and worked my way around until I had about 2" left. Then begin separating the fiber fill stuffing and stuffing the heart pillow to the desired fullness. Then finish the stitches to close the pillow. 

This project took a couple nights of watching some shows after my son went to bed. The nice thing about this pillow is you don't need a sewing machine. There won't be much wear and tear on the pillow, so having light embroidery stitches will work! Fill your pillow daily or on Valentine's Day morning with special treats for your special someone!

Amalia Van Bloom

Amalia is ParentSavvy's local style expert. She has lived in Omaha for five years with her husband, son and two cats. She enjoys being a new mom to her son, born last April. Amalia is a graphic designer and crafter extraordinaire.  She blogs on her personal experiences at ...

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