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Have you heard of story stones? I have recently come across them on Pinterest and fell in love with them. They are a great way to ignite creativity and story telling in your little one. They are so simple to make and I could seriously keep creating more and more rocks to add to our collection. 

Here is what you will need:

  • river rocks (the flatter the rock the easier to draw on them)
  • a bag to hold all your rocks
  • paints (I used oil based sharpie markers with a fine tip, but you can use craft paint or even cut out pictures/photos and modge podge them on the rocks too)

Come up with items, objects, characters, animals, weather, people, etc. and start drawing them on your rocks. If your child is old enough, it could be a really fun thing to have them help too! You can keep them really simplistic or get more details with your drawings. Let your rocks dry overnight before placing them in their bag. To play with your story stones, you can simply create a story with no rules or limits to your creativity or you can create games for groups of children. In a group, pass the rocks out to each child and have them go around in a circle and build on the story. Whichever way you chose to play with your stones just have fun!


There were 4 kids in the group. They picked up a crown, wand, storm clouds and bicycle. The kids created a story about a king who was trapped in the rain and came across a magic wand. He made a wish to have a bicycle so he could ride away out of the rain. The end. 

Amalia Van Bloom

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