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Hi everybody! It's nice to meet you! I'm the ParentSavvy Dinosaur, and well, I need a little help from your kids. I need a name. See, I never had one, but I think your kids would come up with some great ideas for my name. Here are two ways your kids can help me with this.

1. Visit my home at the Omaha Children's Museum. My friends there have a coloring sheet for your kids and place to write their name suggestions. 

2. Or you can download and print off the coloring sheet from home.

Whether at the museum or at home, take a picture of your child's artwork with the name suggestion and share on ParentSavvy's Facebook page with #NameOurPals.

Be sure to come to the party at the Omaha Children's Museum on May 15th for the name reveal.

I can't wait to have a name and see you at the Museum!

The ParentSavvy Dinosaur

The ParentSavvy Dinosaur loves exploring and learning with the kids at Omaha Children's Museum.  A type of brachiosaurus, this dinosaur likes to eat the leaves off the tops of trees and is thought to travel in herds like elephants and giraffes. It isn't known as one of the smartest dinosaurs but is learning more at the Children's Museum now. In March 2015, ParentSavvy is asking the community to help name the ParentSavvy Dinosaur. There will be coloring sheets at the Children's Museum ...

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