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The ParentSavvy Team asked me to tell you all a little about myself to help you come up with names. Don't forget to take a picture of the coloring sheet and submit your name suggestion for me on ParentSavvy's Facebook page and tag it with #NameOurPals.

Here's a bit more about me.

Q: What kind of dinosaur are you?

A: I am type of brachiosaurus. Long neck and little head.

Q: Where do you live?

The ParentSavvy team found me in Colorado, but my new home is at Omaha Children's Museum. I get to play and learn a lot.

Q: Who is your best friend?

A: This is a hard question. A lot of the kids who visit the museum are my friends. Dr. Severson is pretty nice too. He made sure I was healthy before I went to live at the Museum, so I don't get any of my new friends sick.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Another hard question. I like the leaves from the tops of trees especially in the spring. They're so squishy. The leaves get a little more crispy further in the year. Oranges are really good too. But those cupcakes from Jones Brothers are pretty tasty too.

Q: Where is your favorite place in Omaha?

A: Easy. The Children's Museum. Or maybe the slides downtown.

Q: What is your favorite way to exercise?

A: Does playing count as exercise? I do that a lot. I've also been following this dance routine to the song Happy that Andrew put together. 

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: Danny and the Dinosaur. That dinosaur knows how to have fun.

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Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: That's a tie between Meet the Robinsons and that short Partysaurus Rex. Two other dinosaurs who really know how to have fun.

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Q: Can you tell us a joke?

A: One of the kids at the museum told me this the other day.

What do you get when a dinosaur sneezes?
You get out of the way!

Q: What's one unusual thing about you?

A: I like studying paleontology, but that may be too obvious. When I grow up, I want to be a tour guide at an amusement park. I hear a new one is opening this summer - a jurassic park I think.

Q: What's one thing you're really looking forward to?

A: Finding out what my name is, of course! Please don't forget to submit your ideas. You can learn more about that in my first blog post.

The ParentSavvy Dinosaur

The ParentSavvy Dinosaur loves exploring and learning with the kids at Omaha Children's Museum.  A type of brachiosaurus, this dinosaur likes to eat the leaves off the tops of trees and is thought to travel in herds like elephants and giraffes. It isn't known as one of the smartest dinosaurs but is learning more at the Children's Museum now. In March 2015, ParentSavvy is asking the community to help name the ParentSavvy Dinosaur. There will be coloring sheets at the Children's Museum ...

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