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Have you seen the ParentSavvy animals around town?

You can find the Frog at Fontenelle Forest, the Fox hanging out with the Omaha Storm Chasers at Werner Park, and the Dinosaur at Omaha Children's Museum. We're pretty fond of our pals, and we'd like some help from the kids in Omaha to give them names.


When you visit the museum, forest or the ball park, there will be coloring sheets for the dinosaur, frog or fox. Have your kids color the picture and suggest a name. Then take a picture of their completed artwork and post it to the ParentSavvy Facebook page along with the hashtag #NameOurPals.

Or if you can't make it out to visit one of these locations, download the coloring sheet below, have your kids fill it out, and post a picture of their completed creation to the ParentSavvy Facebook page with the hashtag #NameOurPals.

Dino Details

Where: Omaha Children's Museum
Start: March 15th
Name Announced: May 15th at party at the museum
Blog Posts: Will You Please Name Me?

Frog Feedback

Where: Fontenelle Forest
Start: March 20th at Hands-on-Habitat 
Name Announced: April 17th Hands-on-Habitat.
Blog Posts: I'm Hopping You Can Name Me

Fox Specifics

Where: Omaha Storm Chasers Werner Parker
Start: May 10th
Name Announced: August 2nd at a baseball game

Coloring Sheet Downloads

Click on the image to download the coloring sheet.


Be sure to stay tuned for blog posts from our pals as well as updates in the ParentSavvy monthly newseltter. If you don't receive emails from us yet, be sure to sign up!


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