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As the weather gets a bit warmer it's easy to think warm thoughts and prepare for summer! Summer is a great time for kids to be kids. Let them run, play, jump and explore. One great way to provide all these experiences for your children is to sign them up for summer camps. There are many options around town for summer camps, and they all provide wonderful opportunities for children of all ages. Here are some of the great benefits of sending your kids to camp: 

Meet new friends

Summer friendships are the best! Not only are there new friends to be made, there is ample time to set up additional play dates.  Let these budding friendships bloom as the days are freer and the daylight is longer. 

Continue the learning

Kids learn best when they are having fun! Don't be fooled by those smiles and shouts of excitement… summer camp is a valuable addition to your child's education.

Exploring new interests

Signing your child up for a special interest camp is a great way to see if they want to continue to explore that area throughout the school year. Sign them up for a one week art camp before spending the money on a year-long art class.

Let imaginations come to life

Summer camps provide children the opportunity to become a Jedi, princess or superhero. Whatever your child is into at the moment, give them a chance to be immersed in that world. Does your kid love Minecraft or LEGO®? Sign them up for a week of fun surrounding their favorite interest of the moment!

Find a Summer Camp

The Omaha Children's Museum runs summer camps throughout the summer with 13 different themes. No matter what your child loves, you can find a camp for them at OCM.

Family Fun in Omaha's Area Summer Camp Guide

Omaha Family's Annual Summer Camp Guide

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