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Finding an OB seems like an easy task; find a hospital that is close to you, find an OB that seems nice, BAM done. Well, in all reality it isn’t that easy. In my experience it is something that each woman should take very seriously to really make sure she is getting what she wants. We are the consumers here; this is our birth, our child’s safety, our hospital stay, our experience. For me, having an OB that was experienced, kind, and willing to listen to what my husband and I want on our child’s birthday was what was most important. I also want a doctor that does everything possible to get the baby out naturally before jumping into a c-section. 

Ok, I will admit something here; when I first found out I was pregnant, I didn't do the research needed to pick the right OB. I stayed with the hospital and care provider I used for my annual female exams. About 2/3 of the way through our pregnancy, we felt like we needed to re-evaluate our situation. I ended up switching hospitals and care providers. I didn't make the switch because I was receiving poor care, but it was more of a gut feeling that it just wasn't the place for us. Luckily my husband's cousin works at the Methodist Women's Hospital and could lead us to some physicians that met our needs. We looked through all the recommended physicians profiles and video bios and made the decision to go with an OB we feel meets our needs. 

(Touring the Women's Hospital)

Once we made the switch to Methodist Women's Hospital, we were blown-away. We went to the hospital before our appointment and were given a tour. Walking into the hospital, you feel like you are in a hotel lobby. It's clean, quiet and really peaceful. I was thinking to myself, my family is going to love to wait in this waiting room. I almost felt excited to show off where my baby was going to be delivered. Going through one of the labor and delivery rooms was really neat because they didn't feel sterile or cold. All the medical equipment was hidden, and the corner rooms had big jacuzzi tubs in them. The whole place was so clean and quiet, it was really nice. 

I was so excited about how new and beautiful the hospital was that I told my husband's cousin (the delivery nurse out there) "who wouldn't want to deliver out here in this brand new hospital?" Some words of wisdom she gave us "Don't choose a hospital because of how new or pretty it is. It doesn't matter if you have your baby in a Ritz Carlton or a grassy field, what matters is the care you will receive." She was so confident that the care they provide there is second-to-none. Of course! What really matters is the care you receive! A pretty room isn't going to help that baby come out! 

Knowing how much confidence my husband's cousin had in the physicians, midwives and fellow nursing staff where she worked, made me feel great going into my first visit with our new OB. Our OB was friendly, open and excited for us to be there. The appointment didn't feel rushed or like I was just another patient in the books. She took the time to answer any questions we had. You know how some doctor's appointments can seem so clinical, flat and rushed, or where the physician can seem very "doctory"? Well, our physician was anything but that. She was very relatable and kind, all while being an expert that we trusted.  

If you don't have a friend or someone you trust who you can ask these questions, don't be afraid to do some research on your own. Call the hospital you are looking at and ask to talk to a labor and delivery nurse. Tell them some of the things you are looking for in an OB and/or your birthing experience. Do you want a natural birth? Do you really have strong views on certain labor processes? If you don't feel comfortable calling and talking to a nurse, call the doctor's office and ask a receptionist. Don't be afraid to talk to them about some of your concerns. Do you want a doctor that will do everything before rushing you into a c-section? Do you like more personal one-on-one time with your care provider? Do you have strong views on early induction? Again, we are the patients and consumers. Asking questions and doing your research in choosing an OB or care provider is essential. It will lead to a happy and safe pregnancy and delivery. I can confidently say I know I am in the right place, I know my baby and I are in good hands with our wants and needs being met. 

Amalia Van Bloom

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