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Are you ready for this?!

In the first part of this post, I explained the benefits of strength training for your kids. (You can rest assured, this won't turn them into mini-Arnolds.) In this post, I'm going to run through upper and lower body workouts for your kids. My friend Evan met me at the gym, and I took him through his first strength training workout. You and your kids can follow along at home!

Lower Body Strength Training Workout for Kids

(sets) x (repetitions)

Air squats/Dumbbell Squats
- 3x8
- Tips to remember: Strong chest, squeeze the shoulders back

Bench Dumbbell Raises
- Use a plate or object as well
- 3x8
- Tips: LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT weight, strong chest, flat back, same knee, same hand. Arm straight up and down, touch weight to chest if possible

Calf Raises
- 4x5 
- Tips: Drop heels, flex calves by going up on toes

- 4x5 each leg (1 set = both legs)
- Tips: Start with NO weight. If balance is tough, focus on pushing up through heels to come back up

Upper Body Strength Training Workout

(sets) x (repetitions)

Wall push-ups/Bench push-ups
- Use a wall or low bench
- 3x5
Tips: Keep elbows in close. Bring your feet in closer for less difficulty or out further for more difficulty.

Bench dips (video)
- Use a bench, chair, or other similar sturdy object
- 3x8
Tips: Keep feet and legs out straight, elbows bent and extend full range

Dumbbell Tricep Extentions (2 hands)
- Use a light weight dumbbell or other similarly weighted object like a soup can
- 3x5
Tips: Keep elbows close to head, bend and extend

Bicep Curls (video)
- Use resistance bands, or any object to be able to hold and move safely
Tips: 1 arm at a time, if using 2 arms, have a good base to be safe and keep arms close to body

- Use light weight dumb bells, light plates, or objects to hold safely
- 3x10
Tips: Keep arms as straight as possible, being safe with weight

Kneeling 1 Arm Shoulder Press
- Use a dumbbell, light plate or object you can hold safely
- 3x8
Tips: straight up and down, bend arm, bicep muscle to come close to ear on extension

If you or your child encounters any difficulty performing the exercises above, leave comments below. I want to help!

Stay Active Everybody!

Andrew Mantzaris

Andrew is a certified physical education instructor in Omaha, Nebraska. His desire is to help every child become a "lifelong mover" by teaching the fundamentals about body movement while making it fun in the process. In his class, you could be playing numerous variations of tag activities, learning sports related skills, doing body weight exercises or testing out some new dance moves. He is committed to making life long moving accessible to all ages and skill levels by coaching h ...

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