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Little girls dressed in tiaras on a baseball date with Dad...

This month I was able to attend a very special Omaha Storm Chasers game - the Daddy/Daughter Princess Night that sponsored.

For this special game night kids were invited to dress up like a princess and attend the game with their Dad.

More than 200 princesses were given jeweled tiaras and treated like royalty with special activities and seating.

I am not a Dad - and I am certainly not a princess - but, it was a magical experience nonetheless to tag along and see my granddaughters treated like the extraordinary girls they are.

Not to worry...

I will admit I was a bit concerned about coming to a baseball game (this one was 10 innings!) with toddlers. Would they get restless? Would they be bored? How can the preschool set sit still for hours?

I was fascinated - and impressed - at the family-focused atmosphere of the game and the stadium! Here are some examples if you have not attended a game before:

  • Every seat is a good one - it is easy to see, and all the seats are within a few yards of the field.
  • There is a wide concourse with lots of room for kids to run or stretch - all with easy view of the on-field action for the adults.
  • A full "fun zone" complete with carousel and outdoor play structures is right on the concourse.
  • During the game, the mascots (like our friend Stormy) and the Omaha Storm Chasers staff have a steady stream of games, contests, dances and songs to draw kids and adults into the excitement of the game.

The Princess Parade

One of the big thrills for our princesses - and their parents - was the opportunity to take part in a parade around the field before the game. 

The parade lasted more than 20 minutes and was a real treat for the families to actually set foot on the field. There were dads carrying toddler princesses, families parading together - and I even saw a few Dads teaching their daughters the "Princess Wave" (wrist, wrist, elbow, elbow - in case you didn't know).

At the end of the parade, 3 adult princesses: Elsa, Cinderella and Snow White, personally greeted each young princess. The "royal families" sat in a special Princess Section - complete with streamers, balloons, and other decorations.

And the crowd goes wild...including Dads in tiaras!

I watched the game from this royal section - where I saw Dads teaching their daughters about the game, Dads adjusting tiaras (ok, I even saw a few Dads wearing tiaras!) and families all around us laughing and cheering.

After the game, we had a special treat - all the princesses and their families were invited to watch the fireworks display from a special vantage point - on the actual outfield of Werner Park!

Families with blankets spread out across the outfield and watched an impressive display of fireworks - right overhead.

A treasure fit for a princess

As part of the night - awarded a Princess Treasure Chest to the winner of an online contest following the game.

Stormy presented the Treasure Chest while Elsa and Cinderella congratulated the winner and her parents on the field - a very special moment for that lucky little girl.

No stereotypes

Not everyone was dressed up. Not everyone was a 'princess' - other family members got into the act as well. One family with boys had special T-shirts made that said "Princess Protection Agency."

I know not all little girls are crazy about princesses and some parents are offended by the stereotypes of delicate girls doted on by dads. In contrast I even read about a girl's little league softball team named "Freeze" that celebrates athleticism and princesses.

I understand the concern - and certainly don't want my granddaughters to feel that they need to be beautiful to be successful, or that a man needs to rescue them.

But, for one night, it was an enormous treat for them to dress up in costumes - and have a special activity they could do with their Dad. For my granddaughters, it was a very special date with their Daddy. For me it was priceless to see the awe in their eyes, the smiles on their faces and the extra special bounce in their high-heeled steps. (ok, only the older one wore high heels...)

Now I can't wait for the next special night at the Omaha Storm Chasers - Mommy & Minion Night on August 14!

Sue Klein

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