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There is a new kind of party that is becoming contagious to moms, dads and families all across the nation, gender reveal parties. You probably have heard of them by now and maybe even attended one. These parties reveal the sex of the soon-to-be-born baby to family and friends in fun, creative and surprising ways. The examples below didn't spare any details and can inspire anyone to create their own gender reveal party. You don't have to be a party planner or an expert crafter to have fun with this new party trend.

This gender reveal party is too adorable right? Nicolle of Libby Lane Press created this lovely 'Bee' theme. I love the idea of having it be more gender neutral.

This team inspired gender reveal party appeals to the fun-loving competitive couple. Jessica Wilcox of Modern Moments Designs really out did herself with all the details.

I love this gender reveal party with the bright colors and black and white patterns. They thought of every detail! Styled by Le Partie Sugar, this party has a cute “HANDSOME FELLA or GORGEOUS LIL’ LADY” theme throughout! 

Looking through all of the above gender reveal parties...makes my party look like chopped liver. BUT in reality, you don't have to be a party planner or an expert crafter to have a fun party to reveal the sex of your bundle of joy for family and friends. Being pregnant and ultra emotional, I had to find out the sex of the baby before everyone else. Knowing prior to family and friends didn't make the party any less exciting. 

Amalia Van Bloom

Amalia is ParentSavvy's local style expert. She has lived in Omaha for five years with her husband, son and two cats. She enjoys being a new mom to her son, born last April. Amalia is a graphic designer and crafter extraordinaire.  She blogs on her personal experiences at ...

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