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Sunday, September 13th is Grandparents Day.

I started writing this post trying to think of something clever and heartwarming to say about grandparents and how everyone should spend with the grandparents in their lives whether they are blood related or not, but then I started thinking about my grandparents and I thought I would share some of my memories of them.

My Mom's Grandma

My great-grandma was a tiny firecracker of a lady. I remember using her China tea set for tea parties with little tea sandwiches (probably pb&j) and watching White Christmas in July. I would say it was her idea, because what 7 year old wants to watch White Christmas in July, but it was totally my idea. She would go along with whatever I suggested.

My Mom's Mom

My grandma reminds me often of the time when I was 5 or 6 and I came over and cleaned up her room. I made the bed and found space in her desk and dresser drawers to shove all the papers that were spread about. I thought I was helping; she worked really hard. Not sure if that would be defined as "help" but she still chuckles about it.

My Mom's Dad

My grandpa would give me porcelain dolls that he picked up at truck stops as he drove the across the country. Another time he gave me a Crayola tin with a pack of 64 crayons inside. I still remember that tin 20ish years later.

My Dad's Mom and Dad

With my grandparents, I remember cinnamon roll and hot chocolate breakfasts when my brothers and I would wake up from spending the night at their house. There were walks down the hill to watch the Missouri River roll past. And visits to Union Orchard in Nebraska City.

My Grandpa's Mom

With my other great-grandma, I remember sitting on her couch in the little living room. My feet didn't touch the floor. She had this weird collage of old buttons and broaches on the wall in the shape of flowers, and I remember a spare bed stacked with stuffed animals and dolls that we weren't allowed to touch.

My Grandma's Parents

With my other set of great-grandparents I remember they lived in a tiny town south of Omaha. Their house was close to a small pond with a silver watertower next to it. My great-grandpa would go fishing in that pond and my great-grandma would fry up the catfish in her kitchen that hadn't changed since the 60s. For a long time that was the only fish that I said that I liked.

So this is me cleverly saying "go make your own memories". Call your grandparents. Go bowling, drive around town, have a tea party or color a picture. Spend some time with family.

Carolyn Kruger


Carolyn is an editor and promotions manager for ParentSavvy. She has enjoyed seeing the site grow from its infancy to its toddler stage. (And, yes, there have been growing pains in the whole process.) Carolyn was born and raised in Omaha and is thankful that such a unique site calls Omaha home. When not editing content, Carolyn can be found with her family and friends scouring local neighborhoods for untasted restaurants or exploring new stories at the movie theater. ...

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