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Julia Cook has been able to tap into the world of children helping both parents and teachers in communicating with and understand them.

Topics of her books range from teamwork to boogers to grief to lying, no material is too sensitive and all are pertinent to today's child. Julia covers daily life and tougher subjects in an effort to help us help our kids.

Julia's latest book; But It's Not My Fault, shows parents and teachers how to help our young ones take responsibility for their actions.

Julia Cook was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was inspired to get her Bachelors in elementary education and mathematics from the University of Utah through her love of teaching and working with kids as a ski instructor.

After a move to Fremont, NE, Julia taught 8th grade math while working on her Masters in Elementary School Counseling at Wayne State College believing that she would make a better teacher with a Masters in counseling. Her Masters led to a job as an elementary school counselor that she held for many years.

Julia's writing career, coincidentally, began by means of necessity. "As a counselor I couldn't get kids to stop tattling and I looked for a book on the subject and couldn't find it," she says. "So I just wrote one and it worked."

A teacher read Julia's book and suggested she get it published so Julia grabbed a book off a shelf, found the publisher and over-nighted a copy of the book. Not long after, to Julia's surprise, she got word that the publisher wanted to print it.

Both of Julia's publishers are non-profit so the money that is made from her books goes directly back to helping kids, teachers and parents throughout the country and the world.

Q&A with Julia Cook

Omaha Family: Has your career as a successful, award winning author surprised you?
Julia Cook: I am surprised every day by how many people are reading an enjoying my books. Just this week a performing arts company in NYC picked up My Mouth is a Volcano – my first book (published National Center For Youth Issues) and is using it to create a traveling play for schools. There are now close to over 400,000 copies of that book in print.

Omaha Family: What is your favorite book that you have written?
Julia Cook:My favorite book is Making Friends is an Art! – Because it teaches people of all ages how to get along. It is currently being used in senior centers throughout the US.

Omaha Family: How does being a parent help your writing?
Julia Cook: It would be very difficult for me to authentically model positive parenting strategies in my books if I had never walked in a parent's shoes. Parenting is the TOUGHEST job on the planet!

Omaha Family: How difficult is it to put into words the tough topics in some stories that you tell?
Julia Cook: It is becoming more difficult with each book. I can't just write one to write goal is to make it unique, yet better than the last book written.

Omaha Family: How exciting is it to receive awards/accolades for your work?
Julia Cook: When you get a book award, it means that other people who don't even know who you are value what you are doing. That's HUGE!!!

Omaha Family: Is there a significant moment from your writing career that has touched you?
Julia Cook:One day, a little wiggly boy raised his hand and said, "You wrote this book about me, didn't you!" I started to tear up. WOW! what a compliment. You really know that your in their heads when that happens.

Omaha Family: If you were not writing, what would you be doing?
Julia Cook: If I was not writing, I would be teaching math to middle-schoolers or being a school counselor somewhere.

Omaha Family: If you could meet one person, living or not, who would that be and why?
Julia Cook: I would love to meet Ellen DeGeneres because she goes out of her way to help others in our world and it doesn't seem like fame has gotten to her head. She also uses humor as her gift to relate to people.

Omaha Family: If you could travel to one place on earth where would you go?
Julia Cook: I've been a lot of places but my favorite place to be on this earth is Bear Lake. It is a beautiful lake on the Utah-Idaho border and is where I grew up as a child. When I go there, I can totally get lost.

Omaha Family:If you could have one super power what would that be?
Julia Cook:I would love to know what people are thinking. That would be an amazing super power.

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