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Hi everyone!

I hope November is treating you well so far. Isn't late autumn just wonderful? Even on cloudy days after all the leaves are off the trees, we still have the promise of harvest corn, Thanksgiving, and pumpkin spice muffins for awhile yet. Fall is full of beautiful sights and smells – but one of its most iconic sights is not described as "beautiful" very often. In fact, it falls in the "so ugly it's cute" category much more frequently. To what could I possibly be referring, you ask?

Why, the wild turkey, of course!

At Fontenelle Forest, this awkward but fascinating bird is very active from dawn til sundown, eating all the nuts they can. They use their large strong feet to scrape away dust or plant matter and find nuts and seeds hiding underneath. At the end of the growing season the trees and smaller plants are dropping all kinds of nuts and seeds right now, so the turkeys are living large before the scarcity of winter. Despite their size and seeming awkwardness, they are pretty unobtrusive creatures. Having a flock of 4 or 5 cross your path on a hike here at the Forest is always a highlight!

Our Hands-on-Habitat event on November 20 is all about wild turkeys and their lives here in the Forest. Bring your favorite person aged 5 or younger and check it out! As always, we'll have fun stations at which you can learn more about turkeys together, plus costumes, puppets, and our huge outdoor playscape. Drop by anytime between 9:30 am and 11:30 am and play with us! We'll go on a walk to look for turkeys outside at 10:30 am. Don't forget to register so we know you're coming to Hands-on-Habitat!

See you there for some good quality Turkey Time!

Lindsay Cooley

from Fontenelle Forest

Lindsay is an environmental educator at Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue. She was born and raised in Omaha, and is happy to be back after spending the past four years interning and working at various nature centers around the country. Lindsay has a background in environmental science, and is passionate about cultivating a love of the natural world in children and adults alike. When she's not cutting out craft materials or taking kids on hikes, Lindsay loves birdi ...

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