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Today's blog was originally published in my personal blog,, in January of 2011.

In typical Nebraska fashion, the weather forecasters got us all hot and bothered about the big snowstorm heading our way at least a week in advance of the actual expected arrival. Oh, it's gonna be bad! Better go get those groceries! Make sure your car is ready! Heed the winter weather warnings! Storm tracker radar will be there for you when the storm hits! The storm was expected to arrive Saturday and last through Tuesday. Well, also in typical Nebraska weather forecaster fashion, Saturday came and went with maybe 12 flakes of snow. How are we supposed to believe all they hype when they can never seem to get it right?

By the time Sunday morning came, there was snow. Not the 4+ inches we were supposed to have, but enough to make it really unpleasant when I ran out to get the paper in my slippers. The men-folk were heading to the monster truck show that afternoon (don't ask) and all I could do was a) hope that they still went, and b) hope the weather was not so uncooperative that I couldn't get out of the house and do what I wanted to do. Luckily, both still happened.

By the end of daylight hours, the snow had actually started to pile up and it didn't look like it was slowing down. There were no closings flashing on the TV, however, a little nagging voice in my head kept reminding me that our street hadn't been plowed. Considering we live almost across the street from school, this is never a good sign.

About 8:15, I told the boys it was time to get ready for bed. I was heading upstairs with the little one when the phone rang. Oh, God, oh no! I'm not clairvoyant, but I knew who was on the other end of that line. I was so close to having a couple of hours alone with my husband. Why couldn't that call wait until at least nine? I answered it anyway and heard the recorded message "school will be closed due to inclement weather."

Noooooooooo! My older one had finally gone back to school after Christmas vacation just last Thursday! I'd only had one morning to myself in almost 3 weeks, and I had totally blown my wonderful 2 1/2 hours by going to the grocery and then getting caught up in a super engaging game of Angry Birds! What had I been thinking? If I knew Friday morning was my only morning, I would have been so much more selective in how I wasted my time. Aw man! 

Well, you have to let the kids know it's going to be a snow day—I remember how much I loved those days as a kid. This also meant the weekend could last one more day. I owed it to them to let them stay up a little bit later (not to mention, I had been a little perturbed that Undercover Boss happened to fall during bedtime and we were Tivo-ing something else so I couldn't TiVo the show, but now I could finish watching! woo hoo!)

Monday morning came, and man, there was a lot of snow. What to do when you've got a lot of snow? Wait to get the paper until your husband gets up and let him go get it, and then quiz him as to whether he should really go to work today (unfortunately, the answer was yes.) The little guy woke up late thanks to our letting him stay up (high fives all around!) and I decided to let the 9-year-old sleep in until at least 10. I shoveled the front walk a couple of times, attempted the driveway but decided to let the service get that (or wait to use it as an excuse to escape the house in case I was going batty later on.) The boys and I shoveled the back patio, made cookies (well, one watched, the other complained that there was oatmeal in them, and I baked them), watched some Scooby Doo, got the kids suited up to play in the snow about five or six times, and headed to the park for some sledding.

Overall, the day didn't last as long as I thought it would. Well, except for that one thing…did I happen to mention that the 4-year-old used a gift card from my sister to buy the world's most loud and annoying double headed light saber that separates into two, and the boys spent a huge bulk of the days having light saber battles and beating the living crap out of each other? At least they were playing, and I really don't think anyone got all that hurt.

By the time night finally arrived (and my ears were ringing from the constant sound of light sabers hitting each other followed by the occasional "Ow!" "You're not supposed to do that!" "I'm telling mom!"), I was feeling pretty confident that surely school would happen today. The streets were plowed and our driveway was cleared. What possible excuse could there be not to have school? I got the little guy to bed, and then as the older one started creeping up the stairs, the phone rang. Here we go again. You've got to be kidding.

Mollie Protzman

Mollie Protzman


Mollie is an Omaha native and a mom of two boys ages 13 and 8. She's been married for 20 years and spent most of those first 10 years living in various cities around the country. Before kids, she was in marketing communications and public relations and then stayed home with her boys for 11 years while doing freelance writing on the side. The day after her youngest one went to kindergarten, she just about went berserk with the quiet in the house and nothing constructiv ...

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