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Dear Mom, you are going to be a Grandma!

You are celebrating - but how do you tell your parents they are getting Grandparents

Parents have some fun ways to let families (and spouses) know they are expecting. Things like gender reveal parties, big brother shirts and funny photos are a few popular choices.

When my daughter and son-in-law were expecting their first baby, they threw a "leap year party" and invited the family.

As guests arrived, they were met with a handmade poster with an ultrasound picture and the caption " Who has a Leap Year party? We are expecting a baby!"

They set up a video camera and caught the reaction of each person as they entered and they realized the truth.

I love the ingenuity and creativity parents-to-be use in announcing this amazing, life-changing news with the grandparent-to-be.

10 of my favorite ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents:

1. Grandparent license plate

My kids gave me a license frame that says "Great moms are promoted to Grandmas." Although I received it as a Christmas gift, it would make a fun surprise announcement gift.

2. "I love Grandma" logo wear

There are really cute onesies, bibs and shirts with sentiments like " I Love Grandma" on them. Wrap up one as a surprise gift for the grandparent, or dress up a teddy bear in an outfit with "Grandma's favorite" or another saying on it.

3. Let a book announce the news

Is there a favorite book your mom used to read to you? Buy a new copy (or hand down the copy you still have) with a message saying "I loved when you used to read [Good Night Moon] to me. Please start practicing so you will be ready to read to your grandchild, Grandma!"

4. Can you hold the baby?

In early pregnancy you may have an ultrasound picture of your baby. You can hand it to your parent saying "Can you hold the baby for me?"

5. Pass the catsup, please

Fill a baby bottle with a condiment like catsup or mustard. During a meal retrieve it from the fridge and explain, "We thought we would start to practice for when we will be feeding your grandchild."

6. They're playing our song

At a doctor's visit, record the sound of your baby's heartbeat. Tell your parents you have a great new song you want them to hear.

This is great as a way to share the news if the grandparents-to-be are in a different city.

7. Take advantage of a nearby holiday

Just like my kids' leap year party idea, you can use traditions or decorations of the holiday to announce your news to your parents.

When letting the family know around Christmas, my daughter created a "baby's cottage" to go with their Gingerbread house. Around Easter, place an announcement inside a plastic Easter egg.

8. Using food as a hint

One family had a bun placed inside an oven (turned off). While setting the table, the mom-to-be asked her mom to help her by getting the dish out of the oven. The grandma was surprised and thrilled.

Others have served a dinner with "baby-named" foods like baby carrots, baby corn and baby-back ribs. During the meal they pointedly kept asking for the BABY food. At the end of the dinner, if someone hasn't already figured it out, they serve a dessert of baby food fruit.

9. A public surprise

If you share a meal at a restaurant with your parents, you can get the waitstaff involved in the surprise. After you are seated, you can arrange for a high chair to be brought over. When your parents ask why, you can explain this will be for their grandchild.

You could also have pink and blue balloons brought over and explain you are celebrating them being promoted to grandparents.

10. The Grandparent-to-be kit

Create a fun "gift" to give your parents. In a box place important items like: knitting needles and thread, "it's a baby" cigars, and a baby name book. You can add 'coupons' you make for snuggles, baby rocking and kisses.

Photos, please

No matter how you announce your parents' promotion, try to capture the wonder, joy and love you will undoubtedly see on their faces!

Sue Klein

Sue is a mom of two, grandmother of four and daughter to her own mother. She blogs about all things 'grandma.' ...

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