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Being a mom has been something I always knew I wanted. It may seem corny, but it's the truth. Most people have practice acting out the role of a mom or dad throughout their lives. For me, our cats were like my kids. I am responsible for feeding them, loving them, changing their litter box and making sure they didn't kill themselves or run away. And now that being a mom to a human is going to be a reality, I hope I am ready.

There are things I am so nervous about, as I assume most moms-to-be are. I have had "bad mom" dreams. I have dreams that when my baby is born, I would sleep through the whole night without feeding him. I have dreamt that I didn't know how to feed him or make him feel better. I would wake in the morning after these dreams knowing that this wasn't going to happen to me...but still the fears of not knowing what to expect continue. Will I know how to treat an ouchie? Will I know if he is hungry or just fussy? Will I know what to do if he is sick? But I think all these things seem trivial in comparison to issues down the line. Will I be able to guide my son to be a good person? Will I be able provide my baby boy with the tools to grow up happy and healthy? It can be really overwhelmingly scary if you really think about it. Yet I know all I can do is my best. Trust my instinct and gut, all while showering him with love.

On the other hand, thinking of becoming a mom makes me grin from ear to ear. I get to be called "mom". I get to be his number one lady...until someday when he finds a wonderful woman to marry. I get to love him unconditionally and see him grow. I get to think he is the smartest, most talented little boy ever. Being his mom means I get to snuggle with him every night before bed. I get to see him take his first steps, send him off for his first day of kindergarden, pack him up for college and kiss him goodbye on his wedding day. I know that however old he is, he will always be my baby, and I will always be his mom.

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world. I remember when I saw this commercial about being a mom, I bawled. I still cry when I watch it, because I am about to embark on the toughest, most rewarding journey I will ever take. I will be a mom for the rest of my life, and I want so badly to succeed. Not for me, not for myself confidence or satisfaction, but for my son.

I already love you my baby boy and will love you forever. Love Mom. 

Amalia Van Bloom

Amalia is ParentSavvy's local style expert. She has lived in Omaha for five years with her husband, son and two cats. She enjoys being a new mom to her son, born last April. Amalia is a graphic designer and crafter extraordinaire.  She blogs on her personal experiences at ...

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