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Rediscovering the Little Girl Grandma

Just the other day my youngest grandson was trying to learn to blow a whistle. To my delight, he had an Oscar Meyer® Weiner Whistle!

Wow – I remember how exciting it was to actually see the “Weiner Mobile” driving. It reminded me of my 5-year-old self – and how I am able to rediscover those joys as my grandkids see them the first time.

Here are a few things this “Grandma-turned-little-girl” has had fun discovering all over again:

Timeless toys

The Barbie® Dream House. Ok, I never really had one. They were way too expensive. My granddaughters don’t have one either – but, they have a lot of Barbie stuff! Barbie horse, Barbie car, Barbie swimming pool, sister Barbies, Mom Barbies and, of course, Ken. I was a world-class Barbie player in my youth. It is so much fun to see my granddaughters playing with them (even some of mine!) 

There are toys that seem to transcend generations – and it is a pleasure to play them all over again. Things like Etch-a-Sketch®, hula hoop, blocks and, yes, the weinie whistle.

Getting rumpled

You may not realize how stuffy and “clean-conscious" you become as a grown-up. I initially resisted playing in the sandbox. “It is messy.” Or, finger painting. Nothing a little soap and water won’t cure – and wow, what fun. Building sand castles, painting a pumpkin, or just playing with cups and soap in the kitchen sink. It is a real attitude-changer to give in to your messy side! 

The value of a dollar

Over the years I have lost the thrill of finding a quarter. A single dollar doesn’t seem like it will go very far. I couldn’t be more wrong. My grandkids have shown me that a dollar buys a huge smile and an afternoon of fun spent at the dollar store. Bubbles, a glow stick, a new ball or coloring books is a huge treasure.

When I go to the car wash, it is an auspicious honor to be the person who gives the attendant the money – and gets the change. 3 quarters!!! I am so glad I am able to see how valuable things I have taken for granted are.


At what age do we stop giggling? Sure we laugh. But – giggling is its own art. Something strikes you so funny that you snort. You can’t stop laughing and you actually get the hiccups.

Grandkids are able to rekindle that in me. Sometimes it is just a funny line in a movie. (“Big Summer Blowout!” in Frozen for example). Sometimes it is sprinkling each other with a hose. (see “getting rumpled!”). Sometimes it is just a funny look.

Face your fears

I know as a kid I loved roller-coasters. I also rode on bicycle handlebars and loved climbing trees. As an adult I have embraced my (rational) fear of heights and daring. 

I promised my grandson that we would go to a water park as kind of a “last celebration” before he heads to kindergarten. He is intent on going down the water slides – as he has done with his Mom before. I, however, railed against the idea of climbing up stairs to a water slide and plunging down several stories.

I said we can go – but, no waterslides. Crushed, my grandson asked why? I told him Grandmas didn’t do those things. He said yes they did. I finally admitted that Grandma is a scaredy cat. His solution? “I will hold your hand, Grandma. I will be right there by you if you are afraid. It will be ok. I will be next to you.”

My heart melted. How could I say no?

This not-so-little-girl grandma is really thankful to have the chance to rediscover all those things that make childhood so precious.


Thank you, Grandkids! 

Sue Klein

Sue is a mom of two, grandmother of four and daughter to her own mother. She blogs about all things 'grandma.' ...

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