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The Value of a Dollar

My kindergarten grandson is money-motivated. He is also very fishing-focused.

Recently at the campground, his Dad found him and a friend walking back from baitshop with worms, a net, and stick with line and sinker. Needless to say Dad's truck is out of quarters. 

The positive side to learning about money

Despite his foray into taking money that was not his, there are good things about him learning about money.

He is ready to do hard labor. (well, labor anyway)

He will clean the house for a dollar. He will cheerfully do chores. He has learned that work=money. I came over to his house the other day, and he asked me if I had any change in my car that he could have. I told him he had taken all the change the day before. He said “but you went to work today – that’s where you get money.”

He is already in the habit of saving for big items that he wants.

For example, a huge toy crane took him many months of saving dollars in his Spiderman® wallet before he got enough money to buy it. He took great pride in personally handing the sales clerk his dollars at the cash register.

He doesn’t take small change for granted.

You know, those pennies and nickels and dimes that accumulate in your house? (as well as the aforementioned quarters in his Dad’s truck) These are huge treasures to him. He managed, over time, to collect enough to get $35 when he took them to the bank to count!

Not everything is worth the money.

Remember that bait shop purchase? Well, the $2 fishing net broke after the first use. A valuable lesson in checking the quality of what you are buying.

Then there is always the tooth fairy.

As an almost-6-year-old, he has money in his mouth, so to speak. In this past couple weeks he has lost 3 teeth and had several visits from the tooth fairy.

Ok, I will admit the tooth fairy even visited grandma’s house to leave some money for him too. Of course he has to pay with kisses to get the money tooth fairies leave at grandma's house. After all, in grandma's world, kisses are currency. 


Sue Klein

Sue is a mom of two, grandmother of four and daughter to her own mother. She blogs about all things 'grandma.' ...

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