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If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet or missed any of the weeks, you can catch all the details over on The Family Fitness Challenge main page.

I can't believe we’re already in week 5 of the Family Fitness Challenge.

Have you been able to stick with it? Have you found any new ways to be active together as a family? Let us know in the comments below!

As I work with my students in the classroom, I'm always amazed at the way their confidence grows as they learn a new skill. Dr. Jennifer Reiser talks about this very thing in her article, Why is Exercise Important for Kids? She points out that physical activity makes "them strong and fit and [lessens] body image issues as they get older. Physical activity also increases oxygen to the brain, improving alertness and mental function which is vital for school performance." Physical activity has a myriad of benefits. All we have to do is get active!

This Week's Challenge

Squats are the exercise for the week, and the challenge is to complete 10-20 squats, 10-20 lunges, 10-20 pushups, 10-20 crunches and 1 minute of jumping jacks. It may sound like a lot, but it should only take about 4 minutes. Hopefully you’re having so much fun together that you lose track of time and keep being active together as a family.


Squats work your lower body specifically your thigh muscles. The thigh muscles are the biggest muscles in your body, so this is an important exercise to build into an exercise routine. Squats also help to strengthen your knees and ankles which will help protect your body from injury as you become more active and as we all age.


Squats look a lot like you’re going to sit in a chair. The video will show you the basic version of the squat and a few variations to keep things interesting.

We want to keep making the Family Fitness Challenge better for you and your family, so let us know how we can improve in the comments below! We'll see you back here for the last week's challenge! Stay Active!

Andrew Mantzaris

Andrew is a certified physical education instructor in Omaha, Nebraska. His desire is to help every child become a "lifelong mover" by teaching the fundamentals about body movement while making it fun in the process. In his class, you could be playing numerous variations of tag activities, learning sports related skills, doing body weight exercises or testing out some new dance moves. He is committed to making life long moving accessible to all ages and skill levels by coaching h ...

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