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If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet or missed any of the weeks, you can catch all the details over on The Family Fitness Challenge main page.

The final week of this 6 week Family Fitness Challenge is here. You did it!

You're well on your way to making physical activity an everyday part of your family's life.

Obesity and a sedentery life has become a big problem here in the US especially for kids. Dr. Amanda Votruba wrote in her article Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity writtes that "obesity-related health conditions cost billions of dollars and cause premature deaths each year. Parents can help prevent the cause of these conditions by actively working with their kids to combat the onset of obesity."

Accepting this challenge is a great way to tackle the problem head on. As your kids see you prioritizing activity and your health, they will be more likely to prioritize it and carry the habit into adulthood! And that's the goal!

This Week's Challenge

This week, your family's mission if you choose to accept it, is to hold a plank for 30 seconds, execute 10-20 squats, 10-20 lunges, 10-20 push ups, 10-20 crunches and 1 minute of jumping jacks.

All in all this sequence should take you less than 5 minutes a day. But don't stop with those 5 minutes, keep having fun together! Play kickball in the backyard, run around the block, challenge each other to an obstacle course, build your muscles with some yoga, or play at the neighborhood park.


Planks are a simple, full body exercise that can be done anywhere but they can be difficult. Planks strengthen your core muscles and your back muscles. This will help improve your posture and reduce your risk of back injury. A strong core will keep you going through other exercises like swimming, running and hiking.


In the video, I'll demonstrate the basic plank and a couple variations. There are written directions below too. These aren't the easiest, so go slow and perfect that form!

This is the last week of the challenge, but just the start of your family's journey to being lifelong movers. Share your pictures and videos from the challenge on the ParentSavvy Facebook page. We can't wait to see your progress and cheer along with you!

Thanks for joining us! Stay Active!

Andrew Mantzaris

Andrew is a certified physical education instructor in Omaha, Nebraska. His desire is to help every child become a "lifelong mover" by teaching the fundamentals about body movement while making it fun in the process. In his class, you could be playing numerous variations of tag activities, learning sports related skills, doing body weight exercises or testing out some new dance moves. He is committed to making life long moving accessible to all ages and skill levels by coaching h ...

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