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Driving on Halloween can be scary!

Halloween is a fun night for kids with dressing up and collecting treats. As drivers, we should be especially vigilant on that night for little trick-or-treaters.

Some scary Halloween driving facts:

  • Halloween is the deadliest day of the year for child pedestrian accidents.
  • Twice as many child pedestrians are killed on Halloween compared to other days of the year.
  • In 2013, 6,100 pedestrian deaths and over 160,000 injuries occurred on Halloween.

Keep everyone safe with these Halloween driving tips:

Anticipate the unexpected

Kids are excited on Halloween (and pretty filled up with sugar). They may not react in predictable ways. Be extra vigilant around residential areas.

Slow it down

Enter and exit driveways and alleys slowly. Look twice – or even more!

Be alert for strange crossings

Kids may not adhere to crosswalks, corners or even stop lights. Over 70% of Halloween child pedestrian accidents occur away from defined crossing areas. Watch between cars and throughout the middle of a block.

Make it bright

Use your headlights earlier in the day to help spot children farther away. The most dangerous time for accidents is during twilight hours from 6 -7pm.

Remind your trick-or-treaters of these safety precautions:

Walk - don't run

Drivers cannot see as well during twilight and at night. Walking prevents trips and falls, and gives drivers a better chance to see you.

Cross where marked

Only cross at corners, never between parked cars or in the middle of a street.

Keep your head up

Put down your phone, don't text and walk.

Older doesn't mean safer

Kids 12 – 15 years old accounted for almost 1/3 of the fatalities on Halloween. Remind your teenagers that this is a day to be extra-cautious around cars. 

Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!

Emily Bendlin, MD

Methodist Physicians Clinic - Gretna

Dr. Bendlin loves working with kids and their parents. She has always enjoyed caring for kids.  "I've always liked medicine, but more importantly I've always liked kids," Dr. Bendlin said. "During my pediatric rotation it was the 'aha' moment. It was so fun and I was so excited when I went home. I knew at that time this is it for me – pediatrics is where I’m supposed to be." According to Dr. Bendlin, "Working with kids is fun. What other ...

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