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Hey kids! It’s your old pal Stormy here!

I just wanted to tell you about all the reading I’ve been doing lately. The Storm Chasers have been running our Classroom Visits program since January. We've visited 47 different schools in the area! We've gotten to read to over 12,500 kids!

I get to go into classrooms like yours with my friends Becki and Tucker and be silly with you! Then we read a couple of books, and I pull out my handy selfie stick and snap a picture with everyone! Check out all of those selfies on Twitter @StormyChasers!

We like to ask kids like you why they think reading is important, and here are some of our favorite reasons!

  • Reading makes your brain smarter
  • Reading helps you learn new words
  • Reading helps you move up to the next grade
  • Reading lets your brain go to amazing places
  • Reading can help get you into a good college

Reading is important for these reasons and SO MANY MORE!!! The best part about our visit is that all the kids receive 2 tickets to a 2017 Storm Chasers game!!! You get to come visit me at my home, and watch a Storm Chasers game from our outfield grass. There's a pretty good chance you'll see a few Chasers' home runs come your way!

If we missed your school, let my friend Becki know ([email protected]) and we can talk to your teachers about visiting and reading a cool book (about me)!

Opening Day is April 11th this year, and I can’t wait to see all of you at Werner Park! Keep reading!

Your friend,


Stormy is one of the beloved mascots for the Omaha Storm Chasers - our very own Back-to-Back Triple-A National Champions. This big green guy loves being at Werner Park, and it shows by the big smirk on his face! Stormy loves to cheer on the Storm Chasers and loves it even more when the fans cheer with him! Home: Werner Park Favorite Activity: Stirring Up the Storm Dream Job: Meteorologist Favorite Song: The Thunder Rolls Favorite Movie: Twist ...

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