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Traveling with a teen is much easier than traveling with younger kids. All you need is a map, a car, a cooler, and some imagination. 

1. Map out the Route

Once you decide on your destination, map out a route, and then look for places to stop along the way. If you have the time, break the trip up into two days so you can spend time visiting tourist or historical spots.   Or choose the long route and visit family or old friends along the way.

2. Stop Often

Stop every so often to get out and move around. This will keep everyone from getting stiff and grumpy!

3. Don't Forget the Food

Teenagers like to eat, so be sure to pack a cooler with beverages and snacks. Apples, grapes, granola bars, trail mix, and pretzels are easy on the go and healthier than gas station food. Don't forget the napkins!

4. Listen to a Book

Last year we borrowed a book on CD from the local library. They have a wide selection, and they're free! You can't beat free.

It was fun listening together to a story we both enjoyed, and it gave us something to do. Ten hours is a long time to fill up with conversation!

5. Listen to Your Child

Even though ten hours is a long time, this is a great time to talk with your teen and catch up a bit without the distraction of phones, TV, and texting. Ask them about their interests (sports, music, cars, movies) what they're most excited for in the coming upcoming year, who their friends are, what their dreams and goals are, etc...

Most of all enjoy the trip together! They won't be teenagers forever!

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