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Welcome to July, friends!

This season is absolutely FLYING by. If you haven’t come out to see me yet this summer, what are you waiting for?! The season will be gone before you know it, so please come and visit and take pictures with me!

My friends at ParentSavvy and I are teaming up again for Daddy-Daughter Princess Night on July 14th! I smell a tiara giveaway! And boys, don’t feel left out. We have some crowns for you too! And the ParentSavvy team will be handing royal light up rings at their table, so make sure to get here early so you can snag tiaras, crowns and rings for yourself! This may be our most stylish game of the year! So much bling! We will also have some visitors here in town for that game…Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, and Moana will all be at the game! You’ll be able to get your picture taken with all of those princesses, so you’ll definitely want one of those tiaras.

I’m still not done!!!

We’ll be celebrating Christmas in July on July 29th here at the ballpark! Make sure to get your dose of Summer Christmas spirit at Werner Park. I’ll have to ask Santa if I can borrow his hat…I don’t think he gets much use out of it in the summer time!

Okay now I’m done. Please, please, please come see me this July! We have so much for you to do here at Werner Park!

Until next month, friends!

Your pal,



Stormy is one of the beloved mascots for the Omaha Storm Chasers - our very own Back-to-Back Triple-A National Champions. This big green guy loves being at Werner Park, and it shows by the big smirk on his face! Stormy loves to cheer on the Storm Chasers and loves it even more when the fans cheer with him! Home: Werner Park Favorite Activity: Stirring Up the Storm Dream Job: Meteorologist Favorite Song: The Thunder Rolls Favorite Movie: Twist ...

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