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ParentSavvy's first ever Family Fitness Challenge kicked off on August 21st. Andrew has done a great job leading this challenge to build healthy families and kids. 

But I wanted to hear from the parents, so I reached out to Katie LeFebvre who was one of the first to sign up for the challenge.

I had previously met, or I should say re-met, Katie at one of our Hands-on-Habitat events a few months ago. Turns out we had gone to college together for a year. Omaha really is a big little city. She's been married for the past 5 years; she and her husband have two beautiful girls Lucy and Anna.

I arranged to meet Katie, Lucy, and Anna at Stinson Park in Aksarben one Friday afternoon to catch up and learn her story.

In between catching Anna, 18 months, before she carried her daredevil antics right off the side of the playground equipment and calling Lucy, 3 1/2 years, back over from playing with the other kids at the park, I took a few pictures and asked Katie about what drew her to the challenge in the first place.

While she watched Anna climb the playground equipment she said, "I was excited to hear about the Family Fitness Challenge, because I'm always looking for ways to teach my girls new skills. Specifically physical skills. Challenging their bodies and what new developmental skills they can learn. As parents we get excited when they learn to do new things."

As we talked more I learned what motivated some of her thinking. "I'm trying to be healthier. I turned 30 this year, and I set a challenge for myself to feel good in my body. I want to demonstrate that for them. I want to be a good example for my girls."

She's built activity into every part of her day. It's not just a one and done class at the gym. It's maintaining activity throughout the day like reaching her step goal. She brings that same idea into life with her girls.

"We love to have dance parties. We love to play at the playground where's there's climbing and slides. We go on walks and ride bikes. We're going to sign them up for different sports, so they can have that experience. I didn't have that growing up, and I feel like I missed out socially."

Because her girls are younger, I wondered how they were doing with the different exercises in the challenge. She shared a video of her girls doing push-ups with her on the ParentSavvy Facebook page. The form may not be perfect, but they were having fun with mom and it makes physical activity a normal part of their lives.

Katie texted me later that night with a story "Lucy will, at random times, tell me she has to 'do her exercises.' Some moves are imitations of what I do and other moves she makes up are a little more unique!! Just something that shows me I am teaching her to move her body."

And that's all we could hope for!

Carolyn Kruger


Carolyn is an editor and promotions manager for ParentSavvy. She has enjoyed seeing the site grow from its infancy to its toddler stage. (And, yes, there have been growing pains in the whole process.) Carolyn was born and raised in Omaha and is thankful that such a unique site calls Omaha home. When not editing content, Carolyn can be found with her family and friends scouring local neighborhoods for untasted restaurants or exploring new stories at the movie theater. ...

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