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It's officially fall. Along with the switch of seasons, you can freshen up your home decor with fall items. You don't have to spend a lot to change things up for a new season. 

My youngest son loves arts and crafts. There are not many craft kits for boys. We have to get creative. This craft is great because anyone will like it! We decided that it would be fun to make a fall leaf bowl. 

Step 1

Buy or get a flexible plastic bowl. Usually the cheaper the better. You want it to be really flimsy. We reused a bowl from a craft kit: Craft-tastic Paper Bowl Kit by Ann Williams. You don't need to have this kit to do this fun project. 

An alternative is to put leaves on the outside of a disposable paper bowl. Keep in mind that a paper bowl would be permanently part of the final fall leaf project. 

Step 2

Find fall leaves. If you're working on this project with a young child this is a great time to talk about color. There isn't a whole lot of colored leaves in our neighborhood right now, so we used fabric leaves. You could also print leaves, and cut them out. The cutting would just be another step in the process.

Step 3

Mix Elmer's Glue or Hodge Podge in with some water. Make it so that it's runny enough to paint on your bowl with a paint brush or foam brush. We use an old cottage cheese, or yogurt container for our glue mixture. That way if there was any left over glue mixture we could just add a lid to keep it for another project.

Step 4

You will not need to spray the bowl with anything. Dip the leaves in the glue mixture, and spread it on the bowl. You'll want to flatten the leaf out as much as possible.

Keep adding leaves covered in glue. Overlap them. Spread the glue around with your finger, paintbrush, or foam brush. Mix the colors up if you're using a lot of them. It may look really pretty for one single color of leaves as well. 

You can look at what the bowl looks like on the other side if your bowl is somewhat clear.

Step 5

My son likes glitter, so he painted glitter glue on parts of the bowl. You could opt to leave the bowl as is. If you'd like, you could paint the bowl with acrylics. It would be pretty to have a bronze, gold, or even red leaf bowl on the outside, and array of colors on the inside.

You can find lots of acrylic colors at any art or craft store. For a project like this there's craft paint sold individually.

We painted a few layers of glue over the leaves just to make sure the bowl would be nice and sturdy.

Step 6

Let it dry! Don't try and peel the bowl up if it's wet.

Step 7

After 1/2 a day, or overnight start to peel the bowl up around the edges. This is where it's handy to have a flexible bowl. If you don't care about the plastic bowl, you could just leave it as part of the design. If you decide to use a paper bowl, you could paint it a color and leave it as part of the fall leaf bowl.

Once you've peeled all the sides, the bottom comes off really easily. I've reused this flimsy plastic bowl many times.

A really pretty fall leaf bowl exists now! At this point you could choose to paint on it in spots with acrylics, or just leave it as is. We left the inside of the bowl as it was.

You can trim off the irregular edge, or leave it. We left it. I like the natural look.

There's many things you could display in this bowl. Here are some ideas: 

  • Acorns
  • Pine Cones
  • Pebbles or Rocks
  • Arrow Heads
  • Glow Sticks for a Halloween Party
  • Spider Rings for a Halloween Party
  • A Fall Trail Mix - Candy Corn, Nuts, and Pumpkin Seeds 
  • Halloween Candy
  • Something Practical Like Your Keys

Just don't include anything wet!

What would you choose to display in this fall leaf bowl?

My son Isaak even likes to display his fall leaf bowl on his head.

Alissa Apel

Art Instructor and Parent Blogger

Alissa Apel is a wife and mom of 2 happy and energetic boys ages 9 and 12. She is a college instructor at the Creative Center. She spends her free time blogging for, baking, cooking, working on craft project with the 9 year old, and painting. Learn More About Alissa Facebook Instagram Pinterest ...

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